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Skull Dress

You like skull dresses but you don't know how to wear them because you are afraid to look a little "skull " yourself?

Don't worry, we will give you our best advice on how to wear skull dresses and not look as old as the pieces you are wearing.

What to wear with a skull dress?

If you are new to purchasing fine skull dresses, the simplest way to include them in your clothing wardrobe is to maintain their natural color neutrality. Skull dresses have the advantage of being very versatile in terms of possible outfits, so you can easily combine them with skull leggings, especially when the weather is getting a little bit cooler.

The skull style makes it possible to combine them with more contemporary outfits. Also, wearing skull dresses has become very common in recent years. You even notice that many brands offer dresses inspired by the skull artistic wave.

Thus, for the initiates, wearing a skull print dress can be intimidating. They will intimidate you much less if you put them on regularly and will fit naturally into your wardrobe, with the pieces you already have. To feel more comfortable in your skull outfit, why not combine it with a pair of classic sneakers with looser, more casual, and more natural fabrics such as a simple cotton t-shirt.

skull dress

Tip 1 for wearing a skull dress

In addition, most skull style dresses are generally very "conservative". So the first thing you can do is to adapt them to a more modern style, by cutting the sleeves, making the neckline a little deeper. 

If the adaptation doesn't work, or if it's just not necessary, then you can modernize your look by adding modern accessories, such as wide-brimmed hats, caps, stylish sunglasses, thick necklaces and bracelets, scarves, jewelry, sexy bags, and shoes, or even create your own skull and cross-over dress.

Tip 2 for wearing a skull dress

Another great way to emphasize your uniqueness and give your dress a modern look is to add a beautiful belt. This addition is ideal for skull and cross-over dresses. You can try to put on a thin or wide belt.

Why not take a sweet metallic belt that will sublimate your
skull look? If you wear solid dresses in neutral colors, you can update them with modern shoes, such as metallic pumps, bare heels, stiletto heels, sequined sandals.

This addition will give you a fresh and modern look and feel. If you're in love with quirky, bold, and adventurous looks, then why not wear brightly colored shoes that will add a little color to your outfit.  If the weather cools down, you can refresh your retro dress with attractive skull heels or beautiful skull leggings, or just add a modern top blazer.


Tip 3 to wear a skull dress

Want to create unique and timeless looks that stand out from the crowd? skull dresses are ideal!

Choose a skull dress that looks like the current trends.

Most fashion trends today are actually a reinterpretation of the styles of the past, and you'd be surprised how close many modern designer clothes come to reproducing older ones. So, finding and wearing a modern style dress is an easy way to avoid a "suit" look.

Contemporary Hair and Makeup

Chances are if you don't spend hours recreating precise skull hairstyles and makeup, your hair, and makeup will already look relatively modern. Simplicity in hairstyling and makeup is a proven way to enhance a skull outfit, like wearing a 1950s dress with a ballerina bun or pairing an Edwardian blouse.

  • Pair your dress with modern accessories
  • Combine your dress with modern accessories to wear a skull dress.
  • Pairing a skull dress with modern shoes, bags, and sunglasses is an easy way to give an otherwise whimsical garment a boost. It's easy to

Combining a skull dress with modern shoes, bags as well as stylish sunglasses is an obvious way to give an extra boost to an otherwise fantastical garment.

Of course, bright colors combined with black accessories (or vice versa) are also a quick way to modernize a classic garment.

Mixing the skull with the contemporary

Mixing skull and crossover pieces is probably the easiest way to start integrating skull into your wardrobe, as well as a simple way to take a very special and chic skull piece and make it more comfortable to wear for the day.

Even when you wear a skull from head to toe, including accessories, it is possible to accessorize your outfit to make it more relevant. Mixing the different periods can, surprisingly, have the same effect as mixing the new parts and the skull.

Bright and unusual colors, amazing combinations of textiles and silhouettes, and layers of different patterns always serve to give any outfit a unique, modern, and totally timeless look. In fact, mixing eras is perhaps the most fun and exciting way to wear skulls.