Skull Jewelry

You don't know how to associate your skull jewelry? We give you little tips to properly associate your classic jewelry with skull jewelry. You should know that there are different types of skull jewelry: skull necklaces, skull earrings, skull bracelets & skull rings. Read carefully the recommendations of Skull Action that will follow in order not to fall into a total unstyled look.

Did you know that accumulating necklaces is fashionable? With skull necklaces, the accumulation of your necklaces will be perfect! You will find different types of skull necklaces: gold skull necklace and silver skull necklace. You will be able to accumulate your skull jewels in gold or silver as you wish, this association will bring an original side to your outfit.

Our little advice to make a sexy and rock 'n' roll look is to put your skull necklace halfway up the other accumulated necklaces or at the birth of your chest. By associating your necklaces in this way you will immediately make envious!

Do you like the skull look and the earrings? Skull earrings will become essential for you. Gold or Silver skull earrings are the trendy and essential jewelry for a perfect look. Skull beads will give elegance to your outfit thanks to their rounded shapes and the rock 'n' roll side with their skull.