Skull Tie

skull tie

Who said that it was not possible to combine the useful with the pleasant? With our skull ties, you will finally have the means to fully express your
casual style while having a professional outfit adapted to any situation!

Choosing the right skull tie

With a nice shirt or even a business suit, you'll look elegant, classy, and casual with your new skull bow tie! You can also use it at fancy dress parties to make the most talkative people talk.

Why wear a skull tie?

The skull tie is not for everyone, and you have to dare to wear such an original tie. Most people prefer the classic style in terms of bow ties, but what if you are not everyone? 

If you're a badass at heart and into rebellious moves, the skull bow tie is what you need.

What to wear a skull tie with?

You can wear your skull tie with shirts and jeans, for example, to have a relaxed style. The shirt can be extended or short-sleeved. If you opt for a casual style, you can accompany it with jeans and sneakers.

Nothing prevents you from wearing your skull tie with a classic suit, and it will make you stand out from the crowd, because yes, you are extraordinary!

What is the best pattern?

It depends on your taste, we have selected several different patterns with light or dark colors. However, we advise you to take several because it is impossible to be satisfied with only one skull bow tie.

What are you waiting for to order yours? Some of the models are unisex, so please yourself.