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Dark Dragon Mug

Dark Dragon Mug

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Do you love darkness and the medieval age? This dark dragon skull mug is what you dream of. Add it to your mugs collection or let it be the first unique mug of yours.

The legend says that taking a sip out of this dragon beer mug will make you the strongest dragon trainer on earth and will also give you dragon power and that means that you are able to fly across the world and fire breath. As you may have noticed, this amazing mug is totally black except for the eyes of the dragon that are yellow, it also has astonishing neat details, starting with the scales that all over the mug making it unbreakable, it also has a scary and imposing dragon head that has three sharp horns on each side of the head.

This beautiful mug was made out by mountain dwarfs in stainless steel and a high-quality resin that will resist really high temperatures and will be easy to clean and obviously never rust. Also, you can drink all kinds of drinks like hot chocolate or even a beer or just water.

  • Large capacity: 600ml (20 oz)
  • Stainless Steel and high-quality resin
  • Easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures
  • 3D design, meticulous details
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