Floral Skull Towel

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Do you like floral patterns? Discover this cool towel with a beautiful model—a very refined design for people with an intense taste. Get yours before summer!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen if you’re looking to buy a towel for this year’s summer then you should take a good look at this floral skull towel, with its amazing design and beautiful soft colors it will look amazing for the summertime, it illustrates a skull with nice lines surrounded by red roses to give a great looking aesthetic with an original style.

This beautiful piece was fabricated with microfiber making it comfortable and lightweight weighing only 300g so it can be carried around easily, and it is also very soft on your skin causing no discomfort, the printing on it is high quality making it resistant to bad conditions while keeping the colors undamaged so you can wash it without worrying, it will provide a stunning style especially when laid on the sand at the beach or in the local park, so why hesitate? just pick this piece up and enjoy your summer.

  • Impression High Quality : Digital 3D-Design
  • Material : Microfibre
  • Deadly Style
  • Not available in store
  • Comfortable and light towel
  • Washing Machine : 30 degrees (optimal preservation)
  • Weight: 420g | 14.8 oz
  • Dimension : 150cm | 59 inches
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