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Santa Muerte Goth Bag

Santa Muerte Goth Bag

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Santa Muerte goth bag is perfect to Claim your dark and rebellious style.

This gothic coffin bag is just the right bag for you,of course if you love skulls and like gothic dark style, not the kind of style people wear these days.

This one is shaped like a grave, which is very original and rare, and really enhances your taste and makes it stand out. If you like to hang out in cemeteries at night, if you believe in the revenge of the spirits,in black magic, in the legend of Santa Muerte and in a life after death, this backpack is for you!  with this unique design of Santa Muerte holding a human skull that takes up the whole bag and expresses that time will take revenge on everyone who did you wrong.

Very practical, light and of quality, you will not be able to find better quality-price! It's big enough to get your daily needs. It looks like a handbag but in fact it’s a backpack for those who like to have their hands free while walking. You can even add a sweatshirt or a gothic dress. It will go wonderfully with your backpack, especially if you are dressed all in black and you put on your favourite lipstick which gives you a very sexy look.

  • Style : Goth, Rock, Punk
  • Size : 24 cm (W) x 7.8 cm (D) x 36 cm (H) | 9.45 x 2.4 x 14.17" inches
  • Composition: PU leather
  • Reinforced seams : High-quality finishes
  • Recommended cleaning with a soft cloth
  • Not available in store
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