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For a hell of a Halloween atmosphere, wear this skeleton skull and crossbones Halloween tie. Who said you can't tie skulls to the professional world?

Disguise yourself as one of the rock stars of the 2000's! With a long black hair wig and blue contacts, or even blonde hair with a big pink streak, you'll have no trouble pretending to be Avril Lavigne or Evanescence!

By adding this Halloween necktie to your wig and outfit, be sure you'll only need a microphone and a stage to make your dream come true!

With its symbols, pretty skulls and a few little kittens hanging from the pink skulls, you'll embody the enduring beauty and femininity of Avril Lavigne.

Its dark white color which is a little bit light beige makes it very attractive. There is another darker version that can be worn by your friends who have less love for flashy colors.

  • Design 3D HD : direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction : maximum comfort, ultra soft fabric
  • Worked Finish : precise seams
  • Machine wash: 30 degrees (86 F°) (optimal preservation)
  • Composition: 55% Silk, 45% Polyester
  • Dimensions : 145 x 5 cm (57 x 2 in)
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