Skull Tie Maltese Cross

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Take possession of the power of the warriors of the templar order thanks to this tie skull and cross of malta. you will finally join the elite.

Are you a religious person? or are you much more of those who only believe what they see? it doesn't matter! because this Maltese cross tie will be your favorite for sure!

If you are passionate about war movies of the Roman and temple era then you are in the right place! Get ready to be transported back to that era every time you decide to wear this tie.

Its red and white color, all the Roman crosses make you feel like you are in one of the famous movies of that time.

 The skulls with the stars are obviously here to bring you back to the present moment and remind you that your number one passion above all is skulls!

  • Design 3D HD : direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction : maximum comfort, ultra soft fabric
  • Worked Finish : precise seams
  • Machine wash: 30 degrees (86 F°) (optimal preservation)
  • Composition: 55% Silk, 45% Polyester
  • Dimensions : 145 x 5 cm (57 x 2 in)
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