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TeeShirt Skull Reaper Finger

TeeShirt Skull Reaper Finger

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sometimes the reaper is very rude, nevermind I know you like it ! do not miss this unique badass tee shirt. ideal for an everyday outfit or heavy concerts.

Welcome guys and hello, are you looking for a brand new piece of clothing that will enhance your style and make you look more attractive while keeping the simple gothic look that you love? well, this middle finger tee shirt will make that possible for you with a neat design that illustrates the grim reaper with his imposing cape and scythe doing a middle finger to whoever he is looking at.

This neat-looking piece of clothing was made out of cotton and polyester mainly to make it soft and comfy for you to enjoy wearing, it has premium quality fabric and printings that resist time and cleaning to keep the colors good-looking, it would look amazing if worn with a pair of jeans and a leather or denim jacket.

  • Design 3D HD: direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra-soft fabric
  • Anti-Transpiration: fast drying
  • Machine wash: 30 °C (86 °F) (optimal preservation)
  • Composition: 60% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 5% Lycra

☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! The Tee Shirt fits quite small, our team advises you 1 size up for safety. ☠️

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