Skull Mug Necromancer

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Do you dream of quenching your thirst in the skulls of your enemies? Skull action gets your wish. make your guests shiver with this trashy skull mug!

If you get this necromancer skull mug you will get an enormous responsibility, because the strongest necromancers on earth are kept and sealed inside this mug. As you may have noticed, there are ten skeletons with crossed arms to their shoulders, and with amazing engravings above them and without forgetting the small skeleton heads below the feet of these skulls, and the handhold that is three bones linked to each other.

In addition to that, this wonderful masterpiece is made out of stainless steel a strong and robust material that is really resistant even to high temperatures, the second material is a high-quality resin that is easy to clean and gives a gorgeous design and look to this unique mug.  

  • Large capacity : 400ml (13.5 oz)
  • Stainless Steel and high-quality resin
  • Easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures
  • 3D design, meticulous details
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