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Skull Watch Pirate

Skull Watch Pirate

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Young pirate apprentice! if you have piracy in your blood, then what are you waiting for? This pirate skull wooden watch is for you.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, if you're looking for a brand new accessory that looks classy, simple, and sober then you should take a look at this brand new pirate skull watch, with its simplistic design it will go perfectly with most of your outfits, it's also has a nice color mix of beige, black, and brown.

This amazing piece was crafted using the finest materials, the glass is the sapphire crystal which resists scratches and cracks, the strap of the watch is genuine leather giving it an expensive and a sturdy-feeling without any discomfort on your skin, it would look amazing if worn with a dark-colored outfit to bring out the brown and beige parts of the watch, so pick it up and enjoy yourself with a brand new watch on your wrist.

  • Massive Wood : Bamboo wood case, reinforced structure, shock-resistant
  • Real Leather : Soft, silky and thick appearance for strength 
  • Bracelet Dimensions : 2,4 x 24 cm (0.86 x 9.4 in)
  • Dimensions of the Dial : Thickness 12mm | Diameter 44mm
  • Quartz

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