Skeleton Towel Set

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Dare to impose yourself on the beach with this magnificent Skeleton Towel Set, a unique design with a large skull and the slogans no pain no gain. Perfect for the shower as well

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, there to impose yourself on the beach with this magnificent skeleton towel set, with a unique design and a beautiful skull in the middle of it perfectly detailed with menacingly big teeth and the slogans no pain no gain written on it and a very nice color mix of a cream white and a deep black to give you a stunning style at the beach or the swimming pool.

This beautiful piece was made out of microfiber making it comfortable and lightweight weighing only 300g, the impression on it is very high quality making it resistant to extreme conditions while keeping the colors intact it will provide a deadly Style especially when laid on the sand at the beach or in the swimming pool, so why hesitate? just pick this piece up and enjoy your summer.

  • Impression High Quality : Digital 3D-Design
  • Material : Microfibre
  • Deadly Style
  • Not available in store
  • Comfortable and light towel
  • Washing Machine : 30 degrees (optimal preservation)
  • Weight: 300g | 10.6 oz
  • Dimension : 35 x 75 cm | 13.8 x 29.5 inches
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