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Steampunk Skull Mug

Steampunk Skull Mug

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Do you love the steampunk style? Well my friend you are in the right place. This huge skull mug is a must to celebrate with your friends. Drink beer save water!

If you are a fan of Jules Verne then get yourself this steampunk skull mug as fast as possible without any second thought. This amazing mug looks like it came right from the Victorian era. As you may have noticed it has a really unique style, starting with the skull head that is pretty realistic and making the whole background, and this skeleton head has dew pipes and gears and wheels in iron and bronze that makes this mug feel like it came out from an HG Wells book!

This amazing masterpiece is made out of stainless steel on the inside to keep the temperature of your drink the same, and on the outside, the neat details and gorgeous design were made out of resin, a material that is very easy to clean. In addition to that, you are able to put in any types of drinks doesn’t matter if they are cold or hot.

  • Large capacity: 450ml (15 oz)
  • Stainless Steel and high-quality resin
  • Easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures
  • 3D design, meticulous details
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