Sugar Skull Pillow Covers

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Decorate your home with this Sugar Skull Pillow Covers. A unique way to get both colorful and funny skull decorations at home.

Stars, hearts, flowers, roses, colors, and much more you will have with these amazing Sugar Skull Pillow covers! it will bring so much joy to your living room and your life will be colorful as you have always wanted!

An endless number of sugar skulls in one beautiful cushion! like this one and only friend with an endless amount of qualities.

You can put it in the living room, in your bedroom, give it to a friend who loves skulls and colors like you, any reason is good to bring a touch of colors and bring good vibes to a room!

Don't forget to take care of your home and its energy as much as you worry about your clothes or your work, because after all if you feel good at home, you will always feel good elsewhere!

  • Design 3D HD: direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra-soft fabric
  • Materials: cotton 
  • Pillow cover
  • Machine wash: 30 °C (86 °F) (optimal preservation)
  • Size: 45 cm x 45 cm | 18x18" inches

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