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Skull Bracelet Thor (Silver) (PREMIUM QUALITY)

Skull Bracelet Thor (Silver) (PREMIUM QUALITY)

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This silver skull bracelet for men is a rare piece available in very few copies. It is the ultimate accessory to have a prestigious style of hell!

Remember your falling brothers during the Battle of York revenge them by giving your soul and fight until your last breath with your ax and your shield and of course your Viking sterling silver bracelet. As you may have noticed it is completely apparent and silver but has astonishing engravings. Also, you can see that it has a complex design, it's a chain bracelet with small Thor hammers engraved on ½ buckle, in the middle of this jewel there is a beautiful and massive Thor hammer with a black pearl on the top and scary skeleton head on the bottom.

Such a unique bracelet had to be made out of premium quality 925 sterling silver, a pure material, perfect around your cuff. As mentioned before it has complexe design, oh that's what makes it much different with a combination of clothes. You can put this Jewel on while in a museum or a right on the battlefield.

  • Sterling Silver: 925 Sterling Silver
  • PREMIUM quality: Luxury tailoring and meticulous details
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Size : 23cm (+ 2cm clasp) (9 inches + 0.78 inches clasp) | Weight : 194gr (6.84 oz)

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