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Welcome home soldier of the death, you finally arrived in the only shop dedicated to the skull passion. Here you can fulfill all your desires ! We have everything you can imagine. Skull rings, T Shirts, Leather Jackets, Accessories and more ! Skull Action Team is pleased to have you here ! Scroll down to meet Christina.

Skull Addict ? 💀

My name is Christina, you can call me Christy. I’m here as your guide on your second house Skull-Action Shop. Your love for skulls will be our dirty little secret.. I promess !

 The first thing you need to know is that we are a big family and you are here at home ! So you are invited to contact us if you need any help.

 We work with suppliers around the world to provide for you a large choice of products with a top selected quality.

Our favourite collection is skull rings, as you may have notices, we have over 400 rings. We also have shirts, leather jackets, jewelry and other accessories to make you look hot as hell from head to toe !

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Welcome to Skull Action Dear Rebel !

“I’m a rebel girl, i always loved Skulls and being different from society” Christy

We founded Skull Action as a family. The goal is to provide people like us the best clothes and accessories to impose themselves.

Skull Action is number one destination for all fans of Hard Rockers, Metalheads, Gothics or bikers. Why ? Because we all share the same passion for risk and skull symbols.

Elegant outfit or rather angry trash ? you decide ! We make it possible for you to choose among the largest collections you can ever dream of. All centered on the theme of “DEAD HEADS” (T-shirts, Sweats, Rings, Necklaces and more..)

We ship all over the world. We offer also the shipment for free. And because we care about your safety. We only take payment from guaranteed safe means.

If you have any suggestions, questions or partnership requests, send us an e-mail to or via the form ("Contact us").

See you soon,

 💀 Skull Action Team 💀

How Skull Changes With Age ?

Since its rebirth in the 1970s, the skull figure has emerged as one of the most remarkable symbols of the contemporary landscape. Revived by alternative culture through music and art fashion, it has detached itself from its spiritual and religious origins to become an icon of a post-modern society eager to stand out.

From African talismans to Mayan sculptures, from Greek mythology to Aztec legends, from Buddhist deities to Catholic martyrs, from Shakespearean verses to Gothic novels, the skulls are present in the myths and legends of human societies. A sacred symbol of luck or knowledge, protection or fear, body or soul, death or resurrection, divine or evil, it has always fascinated humanity with its mystical and spiritual powers. It has established itself as an emblem of human consciousness.

Skull Design in Fashion

Reviewed by artists, illustrations and designers, it found a central place in the urban landscape.
Skulls are macabre and mystical and have seduced a disillusioned youth who have reappropriated it as a timeless symbol of anarchy, revolution and rebellion. From Misfits to Massive Attack, from Andy Warhol to Alexander McQueen, from Hello Kitty to Mighty Boosch, from Dali to Damien Hirst, the skull have seized art and popular culture to become an icon of non-conformism, a tribal emblem synthesizing the spirit of rock, punk, gothic skate and street art cultures.

We Made It For You !

By bringing together works and images of cultures and visual arts. The Skull Action valorizes the incredible skull phenomenon, the most revered icon of our time.

Skull Action online store is full of skull products, and whether they belong to religion, art, gothic fashion, tattoo or rock music... all skull fans will find what they're looking for. Treat yourself with a skull ring, a skull T-shirt, or a skull painting to offer yourself for any occasion and a perfect decorative element for your office or living room. Make the skulls all over your life style.

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