Skull Umbrella

skull umbrella winter

The skull umbrella is an element used daily in our lives. It is used almost every day in many areas where rain is very frequent. The variety of types that exist on the market is enormous. Just a few considerations before deciding to buy this complement.

It seems that it was already used in China a long time ago. More precisely, since the XI century BC! Obviously, these were very precarious objects. Although its Chinese invention is clear, the truth is that over time it began to be used also in Egypt and Greece, where its use changed. The climate of these areas and the low hardness of the umbrellas caused them to be converted into parasols to protect them from the sun.

skull umbrella

A little later, in 1823, the Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh invented the first waterproof model, which attracted attention for its strong rubber odor. This led him to start being used as a luxury item by the upper classes, with the main objective of distinguishing himself from the rest. From then until now, its evolution has been parallel to that of modern societies, in which the middle class used products previously only used by the upper class. Today it is used by everyone.

Today, the market is so large and varied that it is really difficult to make a simple classification of them because it is possible to find very specific types for a specific use. You have on the market classic, modern, men's, women's, girls', children's, folding, transparent, inverted, umbrellas in all types of colors, large, small, etc... A wide choice.

And we offer umbrellas with a skull. Umbrellas with Mexican skulls to enjoy a fashionable complement or accessory. You can find all the skull accessories that we make to get to the top of skull fashion!