Collection: Skull Cake Mold

Best collection of Skull Cake Mold!

Discover a wide range of skull cake mold selected by Skull Action, to make skull-shaped cakes and cakes of all sizes. Thanks to the skull cake mould, skull silicone mould, you will make both classic and original recipes. We provide also some Skull ice cube in 3D ultra-realistic! I'm sure, you will love it!

This is the coolest accessory in the kitchen, with the different skull shapes, you will be able to create masterpieces! You will be able to put all your knowledge to make personalized sweets to surprise your friends and family.

skull mold cookies

It is also a great mold to make the famous skull cookies! A classic of the pastry that will greatly please your children!

You can also make skull chocolates, simply heat a chocolate bar of your choice, then put it in the mold. Wait about 15 minutes before putting in the freezer. After 30 to 45 minutes, you can unmold your skull chocolates.

You can check our collection of skull mugs, a cool way to drink hot coffee.