Collection: Skull Flag

skull flag

Young Moussaillon! You can stop your activities immediately if you do not have a skull pirate flag.

Are you a fan of the human skull symbol? Are you more of a skull alone or skull and crossbones like the dreaded pirates? Either way, you'll find something to suit you. Skull flags have been consequential accessories used for hundreds of years, for piracy, raids... but nowadays, they are mainly used for decoration same as skull stickers.

Who uses skull flags?

In the past, it was mainly pirates. It was a symbol of terror, feared by everyone on board a ship. Nowadays, skull flags are used by rebellious and free-spirited personalities, such as punk, metalheads, Gothics, or bikers. Whatever your style, you can always adopt a skull flag and hang it in your room.

How to use skull flags?

You can use it mainly for decoration. It depends on your house and the space you have, and you can hang it in your living room or a more intimate place like your bedroom. 

Nothing stops you from hanging it on a stick to use as a flag in your garden or to go messing around with your friends, and the experience can really be fun.

The skull flags are very compact decorative objects that require almost no maintenance, except for a few washes from time to time if you feel the need. Furthermore, you can carry them everywhere with you by folding them. What more could you ask for!

Where can I find skull flags?

Instead of offering you a hundred flags that look the same, we have selected the best ones for you, pirate, punisher, or military symbols; you have a lot of fun on skull action.

Come and join the crew with one of these many pirate flags, be hung in a strategic place, and announce the color. Real pirate sails solo. Nowadays, piracy continues on the net. But it is also a fundamental way of life.