Skull Rings

Discover the best collection of Skull Rings in United State ! Skull, Punk, Gothic, Biker, Rock fan or simply fan of Têtes de Mort jewellery, you will find your account there.


If you're looking for a Skull Ring for Men, you're bound to find the one you need. You will find a whole range of Skull Rings in Steel or Silver. If you are looking for a ring to offer to the man of your life or simply to a good friend, you can check our blog article that will help you choose the best Mexican Skull Ring or Reaper Ring!


Of course, ladies, we haven't forgotten you! If you're pretty coquettish and you're looking for the perfect skull ring, you've come to the right place. You can find Diamond Skull Rings or Silver Female Skull Rings. And if it's a Valentine's Day or birthday gift, you'll find the right ring for any skull lover. Some of them are set with diamonds that you will find in several colours to match the small details of the outfit, such as green, a colour appreciated by the gothics, purple, or red.

Our selection of skull rings for every occasion

We propose you to discover our wide choice of skull rings for men and women.

to offer a gift (Valentine's Day, Birthday, Engagement, Halloween, Holidays) or personal pleasure. Our skull and crossbones rings are essential fashion accessories to be worn every day. Skull Action accompanies you in all the occasions of your life and offers you :

  • Skull ring sterling silver
  • Skull ring decorated with pearls, diamonds or precious stones
  • Stainless steel skull ring
  • Johnny Hallyday skull ring
  • Mexican skull ring
  • Ring skull and crossbones, etc.

A tribute to the forces of darkness !

There are so many young men and women who make do with banal and overly kind rings that fail to offer the true dimension of their personality. Thanks to the skull and crossbones rings in our online shop, it is finally possible to display a gothic, punk, biker or rock style that will allow you to embrace the darkness as you have always dreamed of doing! Skull or skeleton shapes that are both modern and daring, bright or dark colours (gold, silver, pink gold, white gold, black...) and original motifs combine their powers to give birth to incredibly mysterious rings.

Very original rings with a gothic or rock spirit

Skull and crossbones rings are the perfect jewellery to complete and sublimate your outfits for a gothic, Celtic, biker, punk and rock 'n' roll style that is extremely trendy, original and rebellious. There are many different designs and shapes of rings in silver, stainless steel or resin, with gothic skull rings, skull shaped rock rings and steampunk fantasy rings that perfectly suit your style and personality. Our rings will also give you an air of mystery. In addition, all of our creative and original skull rings are offered at affordable prices, as are our collection of skull bracelets, skull earrings and skull necklaces. Don't hesitate to treat yourself!