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Skull Ring: Biker's essential jewelry

Why is it so complicated to meet a biker not wearing a skull ring? What does skull jewelry represent? Why is skull jewelry popular?  

If you're looking for an answer to all these questions, you've come to the right place! We will see how the biker phenomena and skulls have merged to give such an emblematic style. 💀

The skull rings are the essential accessory for the biker; its offbeat style has been adopted as a biker symbol since the 1950s. Any self-respecting biker unanimously acclaims this jewel.

Well, in this article, we’ll discover :

  • The reason the skull symbol came into biker culture.
  • What does the skull represent in general?
  • Top 5 reasons why skull jewelry is popular.

Whether you're a biker yourself, or you're wondering about this diabolical association. Hang on and find out right away how a silver skull ring is a must for a badass jewelry style!

Skull Rings = Biker Jewelry

Walk into any biker bar, and you're sure to see skulls everywhere. Whether it's rings, bracelets, bracelet, or tattoos, skulls and crossbones have always been popular in motorcycle culture. 🏍

We see atypical characters wearing them in television shows like the Sons of Anarchy or the Walking Dead series. Also carried by musicians and singers such as Florent Pagny or Louis Bertignac. The sterling silver skull has therefore become widely popular in recent years. And so much, the better. 🤟🏼 You can find more skull jewelry in the skull store.

In this article, we’ll talk about bikers’ relationship with the skull jewelry. Let's see for a start where this fascination with skulls came from. 💀

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1) The beginnings of the Biker Culture

Do you know how the motorcycle culture began in the United States?

It all started when several army veterans returned from the war.⚔️ The term "post-traumatic stress disorder" did not exist initially, but these young soldiers were familiar with the symptoms. They had just lived through the horrors of war and had no idea how they could reintegrate into "normal" American life.

The army had disembarked many of Harley Davidson’s motorcycles. After the war was over, the military had no reason to keep them.

Rejected by society, the surplus of men and machines naturally created alchemy. 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Those who were thirsty for freedom and a life full of intense sensations and adrenaline formed biker clubs driven by the same passion. To stand out, they needed a potent symbol to identify themselves and affirm their belonging. And the skull, which represents the different things we're going to see just below, came as a matter of course to the entire biker community. 

2) What do the skulls symbolize?

The skull is a representation of death that can be found worldwide, but what is behind this symbol?

In all cultures, the skull is a representation of death. It is the picture we have of death. It allows us to remember that everything has an end. Some people do not hesitate to wear skulls. Skull head earrings to show their rebellious side. For some, skulls can represent life. 🙏🏼

Skulls are often associated with elements other than the simple representation of death to convey different messages. Here are some meanings of what the skull may represent:

  • A skull symbolizes danger or poison.
  • Skulls and crosses symbolize the beginning of man.
  • Skulls and butterflies symbolize the ever-changing nature.
  • Skulls and snakes represent immortality or the knowledge of the afterlife.
  • Skulls and wings represent the freedom associated with liberation from death from a physical to a spiritual form.

Suppose you are a real rebel fan, sons of anarchy series, or the biggest gang biker. In that case, you certainly know that skeleton rings are one of the most important jewels to have to acquire the style and charisma of a real biker. It’s the trendy and original fine jewelry to add mystery to your personality. Many people decide to wear a skull wedding ring to express their eternal love. 

We have just seen some of the meanings of the image of the skull more generally. Now let's see what makes it so attractive to bikers. 👇🏼

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Bikers' attraction to Skull Ring

Here are five reasons why biker rings have always been (and always will be) popular with bikers :

1) The life and death story

The best symbol of mortality is the skull, but some people think it is more a sign of immortality; that’s why we find more death rings in bikers’ groups. For even if our soul leaves this earth forever, our skull will remain intact for millions of years. It is a way for a biker to say that he is immortal, even if he leaves this earth because his skull will remain him, very present.. 🦴

2) Accepting Fatality

All those kilometers on the road give bikers a lot of time to think about life. For some of us, skull jewel rings are a visual recognition of destiny.

No one wants to die, but no one can say they are not afraid of death; it is about merely recognizing and accepting that death is part of life. And that it will end for each of us, no matter what! Therefore, wearing a skull biker ring is simply about accepting the fatality of death and, in a way: living more serenely.

For some, it can also be a call for caution. We know that death is everywhere, that it can occur at any time. And sometimes, a few cautious gestures such as driving slower take us a little further away from the end of the race. 🏁

3) Membership Sign

You'll never meet someone who doesn't have an opinion about skulls. Whether the argument is positive or negative, skulls evoke something for each of us. 🧐

When you wear a big ring, you are indirectly making a statement about yourself. You are already giving off emotions and identity. And everyone who notices your jewelry instantly makes an opinion about you! Some people will feel attracted by its image, while others will feel rejected or offended by your ring. 💍

Without saying a word, your ring can filter out people who recognize themselves through what you say about your personality; This naturally repels people who do not identify with your world and thoughts. Just by wearing a ring, the biker has the strength to push away people who are not like him and gets closer to people with the same ideology of life! Only, if you prefer skull watches, We can guarantee you that the effect will remain the same. 💪🏼

4) Total Equality

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we have been created equal. Skulls and the image associated with them have a way of putting us on an equal footing. It doesn't matter how rich, cultured, or powerful you've been in life. You are no more significant in the face of death than anyone else.

Even though each skull is unique, you can't recognize someone by merely looking at their skull. In a hundred years from now, for example, your skull will be the same as the skull of the others lying next to you. So this is the idea of total equality between us. The skull brings us together and repels discrimination. ❌

5) Loyalty Body and Soul

Loyalty and commitment are perhaps the two greatest ideals of biker culture. There is nothing more powerful.💀

Rings are a visual reminder of our commitment to our buddies on the road. It's also a commitment to our motorcycles, to the road, and our entire lifestyle. Loyalty to our fellow man is lost in the society in which we live. But mostly not among bikers, take our word for it. 👊🏼

how to wear a skull ring?

Rings for men can be worn with any style of clothing! it will give you an extreme look associated with other jewelry such as a necklace or if you have long hair, check our skull beads that will allow you to have unique hairstyles.

With these jewels, you will be widely visible to your friends. You will find many unique designs to put the jewelry that you like the most, matching your outfit; nothing could be simpler, right? :)

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Make Bikers proud

We saw together the different symbols of the skull ring for bikers. How deeply rooted the skull has been in the motorcycle culture since after World War II. It's our way of expressing our difference, to get closer to our biker brothers, and to push away people who don't share our values. ⛔