Collection: Skull Clock

skull clock

In terms of decoration, one of the objects that we look at the most is the clock. Indeed, nowadays time is significant and no matter where you are, even if you are on your sofa on a Saturday morning  you will look at your skull clock. So why not put a watch that will make you smile and remind you every time how exceptional you are?

Who likes skull clocks?

Skull clocks are for people like you and me, free-spirited people with a rebellious streak, no matter what your style of dress or music, punk or metalhead, or simply if you have an attraction to the skull universe.

Why decorate your home with a skull clock?

The reason is simple, you want to be unique, and the skull clock gives you this asset. Indeed, you have to dare to hang such a unique clock with a nice skull flag, be sure that all your guests will be amazed and ask you where you found it.

Where can I find skull clocks?

Skull Action has selected for you the ultimate collection of skull clocks, floral, bob Marley, sugar skull, day of the dead, Mexican style, the reaper, and more, and you’ll be surprised at the designs you can find. At night, you can light them up because they are equipped with colored led. Can we dream of something better?

Decorate your home with a skull clock

Opt for a skull wall clock and read the time while admiring this beautiful interior decorationMany models available, including the vinyl disc clock that will give your home a hell look!

Most of our skull clocks can be purchased in an LED-backlit version which will further enhance the beauty of your living room. Equipped with a Quartz movement, the second hand becomes an ultra-silent hand. If you want to transform your wall decoration, nothing better than superb skull wall art, a modern decoration very appreciated!