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Everything you need to know about skull ring 

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Skull rings have become an essential fashion accessory to style up your everyday looks. Skull Action comes up with an amazing selection of skull ring and nice skull necklaces that fit multiple style:

  • Skeleton skull ring
  • Pirate skull ring
  • Punisher skull ring
  • Mexican skull ring
  • Masonic skull ring
  • Skull diamond ring
  • Skull crown ring
  • Indian skull ring
  • Skull signet ring
  • Harley Davidson skull ring
  • Keith Richards skull ring

What does the skull ring represent?

A skull ring with crossbones usually represents a human skull conquering, as the pair of shins can be the case. However, this isn't the one symbol that skull rings represent. Commonly, a skull ring also represents passion, danger, darkness, death, and more.

Along with that, bracelets with skulls and crossbones are also trending.

Over time, the skull has also become a symbol of insubordination to the rules and rebellion. In the fashion world, the skulls are also linked to gothic trends, emblems of toxicity and piracy, and symbols of death.

Which is the best finger to wear a skull ring?

Well, commonly, our right hands are considered the dominant ones as compared to the left hands. Even more, the right hand is more expressive as well. It is because this is going to be the very first point to contact someone more often.
Therefore, you must know what a skull ring represents on different fingers of your hands. So, here we go:

  • Wearing a skull ring on the dominant hand's little finger symbolizes intelligence along with amazing expressive skills.
  • While, on the other hand, wearing a skull ring on the left hand's ring finger depicts excellent listening skills and strong intuition.

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