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The Bracelets and Rings with the effigy of Têtes de Mort are unique and timeless jewels. Man or woman, young or not so young, wise or rebellious, this range of jewels (gothic style, biker, ...) seduces as much as it challenges. Initially, a fashion phenomenon aimed at rebels, these accessories have survived the passage of the years by constantly renewing themselves. Skull Action's credo: continue to innovate without distorting the very essence of these little marvels!

Here is our ranking of Best Creations of Skull Bracelets and Rings for the year 2020 🏆 :

10) "Punisher" Skull Ring

This ring bears the effigy of the famous Skull of the Punisher. Just like the will of the Punisher (a fictional character from the Marvel universe), it does not alter with use or with the test of time. You can even keep it on your finger at the pool, because it is perfectly resistant to chlorine and keeps the shine of the steel intact.

The Punisher is the symbol of a personal desire for revenge and justice. He doesn't do lace since he prefers to see his opponents dead rather than behind bars. He is easily recognizable by his emblem: a white skull and crossbones. Legend has it that this Ring Punisher is feared by all criminals! 😈

  • Stainless Steel 316L

9) Spartan Helmet Ring

This ring has a picture of a Spartan Helmet. It has the same qualities of durability and unalterability as the previous one. It has the particularity of being available in only one size, adjustable to the diameter of the finger of its holder.

This ring is a tribute to the famous Spartan warrior. This one was famous for his iron discipline and for his worship for the only death that is worth: death in combat ⚔️ Each citizen of Sparta who had died (slain from the front) was honored by the rest of the population who erected a stele in his memory. The cult was such that the survivors were regarded as cowards who had refused to fight... and were left in the shadows of society. This Ring Spartan symbolizes discipline, determination, and surpassing oneself.

  • Stainless Steel 316L

8) Pirate Skull Bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by the famous Pirate Symbol: a Skull with crossed Tibias ☠️ It is made of soft lamb leather and is topped with small nails. Bonus: it is connected to a leather ring to be worn on the middle finger!

This famous bracelet maritime banditry: piracy, a true symbol of freedom! In the past, the sea was an area where the law of the strongest reigned. This Pirate Bracelet is meant to be the bracelet for those who don't let themselves be led astray. It is the accessory of the dissidents who know what they want and who go resolutely in that direction with the certainty of getting it! Like the robbers of the seas in search of gold and glory, you will be ready for the boarding.

  • Lamb Leather + Stainless Steel 316L

7 ) Double Skulls Bracelet

This bracelet features two Human Skulls at both ends. Like its predecessors, it resists all external aggression and retains its brilliance and shine. Its design is sober and chic. It weighs only 23 grams for a diameter of 55 mm.

This Skull Bracelet in braided steel combines the elegance of its design with the symbolic power of the human skull. It is a very successful combination of refined delicacy and imposing strength. 💪

  • Stainless Steel 316L

6) Skull Bracelet & Gothic Picks

This bracelet combines two powerful elements: skull and crossbones. Gothic design. It was made of lamb leather: a strange mix of softness with its aggressive appearance with well-tensioned spikes. A large skull is surrounded by two small ones, all in stainless steel. Eighteen spikes of the same material complete the set giving this bracelet an impressive look.

It is popular with metalheads, punk, and gothic fans. Watch out for this Bracelet Cuir Gothique: who rubs against it, spades against it! ⚠️

  • Lamb Leather + Stainless Steel 316L

5) Skull Steampunk Ring

This magnificent ring with the effigy of a Steampunk Skull is available in two versions: 1 in Stainless Steel and 1 in 925 Sterling Silver. Of great originality, it never goes unnoticed: it tells a story of its own! Asymmetrical, its design in the shape of plumbing pipes and a three-color mix are of the most beautiful effect. It seduces even those who are not fans of the genre, as it stands out by its unusual appearance.

Steampunk represents many things at once. A literary movement at the base, it is situated at the end of the 19th century: the time of the first industrial revolution and the steam engine. The punk meaning was added towards the end of the 20th century to refer to futuristic works of science fiction. This Bague Skull Steampunk is therefore the symbol of an alternative future 🤖 This terminology applied to the skull is a perfect intentional contradiction between the promise of an innovative future and inevitable death.

4) Big Grim Reaper Ring

This ring with the effigy of the Big Grim Reaper 💀 (personification of death) is made of stainless steel. On top, the mower with the skeleton skull is draped in a tunic that blends in with the rest of the ring.

The inescapable sickle comes naturally to crown the whole giving this Grim Reaper Ring a look both disturbing and impressive. It does not fail to question and fascinate!

  • Stainless Steel 316L

3) Skull Bracelet Heavy Metal

One thing's for sure: that big Skull Bracelet Heavy Metal will not move with the passage of time! It's a massive object intended exclusively for men. It imposes some by its virile aspect, dissident, which does not let itself walk on the feet 👊 The skull has frowned eyebrows. Its scowl indicates that it is not satisfied with what surrounds it. It is like the one who holds it on his finger: the one who proudly assumes his thoughts.

The dimensions of this Skull Bracelet Heavy Metal Stainless Steel are in the image it conveys 35 * 53 mm with a weight of about 100 grams. A real competition skull bracelet!

  • Stainless Steel 316L

2) Skulls Bracelet & Motorcycle Chain

On the second step of the podium, we start to feel some heavy, real, solid silver: 925 sterling! This very beautiful bracelet weighing 55 grams represents a Motorcycle Chain 🏍️ alternately set with three raised skulls at the attachment. A cross is also engraved on the side of each link.

It is a very beautiful object which seduces many amateurs: this bracelet ideal for any biker is indeed unisex. It is as fitting around a thin wrist as it is at the end of a muscular and tattooed arm. Of course, the design of the Motorcycle Chain Bracelet the address in the first place to bikers who never tire of proudly displaying it like a flag!

  • Sterling Silver 925

1) Mexican Skull Ring

The must of the must in 2020 is this ring with the effigy of a Mexican skull 🇲🇽 It is made of 925 sterling silver and symbolizes the "Calavera" (skull in Spanish). The Mexican skull is mainly used during the Day of the Dead. It takes place over 48 hours at the beginning of November in Mexico. It is an opportunity for the population to gather and celebrate by paying homage to the dead. The altars are then filled with various offerings such as sugar skulls, flowers, or other objects. The atmosphere here is neither sad nor nostalgic, on the contrary, it is joyful and festive!

This Mexican skull ring Silver weighs 30 grams and is distinguished by two colors for pointing the different elements. The base is in white silver, while the essential elements of the skull are in yellow to accentuate their importance. The jaw, the edges of the ears, and the eyes are yellow to emphasize their importance. The eye sockets are furthermore set with two small skulls in the form of an orbit, each looking at an opposite side, thus seeming to spy on the occurrence of danger. The top of the skull of this ring with the effigy of a Mexican skull is surmounted by a yellow silver cross recalling the importance of religion in Mexico and the fervent faith of the Mexicans.

  • Sterling Silver 925

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