Collection: Skull Heels

skull heels

Get a kick out of it with our skull heels, add a demonic touch to your femininity! Heeled shoes you can't find in store and very different from ordinary flip-flops.

A very original way to take height with skeleton heels, unique and not found in stores, it is the ideal choice to highlight your rebel side

High heels with skulls

When will you wear our skull heels? Absolutely whenever you want. No one can force you to dress this way or that way and that's when the devil congratulates you for your courage. Wild parties, afternoons with friends, rock concerts, dark photo shoots, any occasion is good to put on your heels.

Just like thousands of goth women before you, a pair of these unusual shoes is a great basic that you should absolutely acquire in your dressing room. What is a woman without shoes that express who she is?

 Heeled shoes are really appreciated by men, it's a luxurious and extravagant accessory at the same time that will take your look at another level.