Gothic Make Up Tutorial

Gothic Make Up Tutorial For Beginners

Would you like to make up like a gothic? Don't know where to start? Are you wondering what ingredients you need for a successful gothic makeup? Or maybe you want to get ready for your favorite goth band's concert.

Don't panic. Welcome to Skull Action, the place where enthusiasts like you do their best to answer you on your favorite topics. Today, we're going to look together at a simple and summarized guide that will allow you to :

  1. Understand gothic makeup.
  2. The ingredients you will need for your makeup.
  3. Some personalized advice.

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Gothic makeup is very different from everyday makeup because, after all, it is not about highlighting one's vital points with brushes, highlighters, and eye shadows, but a style of makeup that is even considered a kind of art today. But Gothic Make Up Halloween is also becoming increasingly popular.

Gothic makeup can actually be a real challenge and is anything but easy, so these Gothic makeup tips can certainly help you get the right look.

Que faut-il pour un maquillage gothique?

Like an excellent successful cake, the right make-up needs ingredients. This list helps when buying gothic makeup:

Liquid Makeup

  • powder
  • Corrector
  • Make-up brushes and sponges
  • Theater colors black and white
  • Black eye shadow
  • Cajal black
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Mascara or artificial eyelashes

Don't panic if you don't have all the ingredients, and you can make compromises by keeping a very successful final makeup result.

Gothic Make Up - step-by-step instructions

Gothic Makeup - The foundation.

For Gothic makeup, it is important to choose two shades lighter than your skin tone for the primer; This applies to both Gothic and Gothic makeup artists. The face should be ashen and almost white. The best way to apply liquid makeup is to use a makeup sponge.

There is also white pressed powder in a gothic makeup store that you can also apply over primer to create an even brighter look. Of course, you can also use theatrical paints for the primer.


Gothic Makeup - Eye Instructions

With gothic eye makeup, the eyes should be framed as black as possible. It is best to start with a black eye shadow, which you apply in a thick layer above and below the eye. Of course, you can also choose a purple or red shade for the eye shadow.

The Cajal pen is used next. This is applied under the eye. A gothic makeup tip for those who have never used eyeliner is to work with an eyeliner pencil for the first time. If you already have a little more practice with eyeliner, it is best to use black liquid eyeliner, as it merely holds better.

Mascara is the last step in eye makeup. An eyelash curler can be particularly useful here to bend the lashes before applying black mascara. For an even more intense look, false lashes are often glued on, and contact lenses are used.


The lips

For everyday gothic makeup, purple or black lips are usually worn. But dark red lips are also suitable for Gothic makeup. You can use a small brush to apply lipstick or simply apply it directly.

Ready to join us, young gothic?

Gothic makeup men and women are not different. With the gothic look, you can also be creative and try other things. It's essential to keep the color white and paint the eyes and lips in dark tones, you can check our article to know exactly how to become gothic. Simple gothic makeup doesn't take much time, primarily when you practice. Small corrections can also be easily retouched with cotton swabs. It is also highly recommended to fix makeup with a facial spray and again to buy waterproof makeup.

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