How To Do A Skull Face With Makeup

How to do a skull face with makeup

The skull costume is undoubtedly one of the classics when it comes to the right Halloween costume. Skull makeup is very popular among makeup looks, especially with children and adults alike. So, if you don't have an idea for a suitable Halloween costume, you've come to the right place, because with these tips, everyone will surely succeed in inventing the Halloween skull.

Welcome to Skull Action, the place where enthusiasts like you do their best to teach you some fun stuff. Did you know that skull make up is one of the most famous Halloween makeup ideas? Today, we're going to look at some Halloween makeup tips together, and the blog will be short to help you get up to speed on your reading. No need to be a makeup artist.

We will discover together:

  • The basics of how to start a Skull face-painting.
  • Two methods to get skull teeth.
  • Make-up for children.
  • How to use the beard in skull makeup.

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Skull makeup instructions

The skull is the sign of death and has nothing to do with life. The right color of the face is therefore essential and serves as a basis. It is preferable to choose a gray make-up shade with which the whole face is primed, but the eye contour is left free. The eyes contouring are then filled with black paint. The eyebrows are also made up of black color. There are also skull makeup models that can be very useful.💀

When applying makeup to the face, the cheeks should look deep. The best way to do this is to dab on a gray eye shadow. Other bones can also be highlighted with a gray eye shadow. Thus, you can draw light shadows on the temples, forehead, and under the eye sockets. The tip of the nose should be painted black, this is ideal on a white face.


How To Have Scary Skull Teeth - Makeup

An eye pencil is best for scary teeth. To paint the teeth fairly, there are Skull makeup models available. When you painted the teeth with eyeliner or the kohl pencil for the first time, the teeth must be individually colored with white makeup, no need for complicated cosmetics produtcs.✍️

The application of half a skull is also prevalent. Here, only half of the teeth are painted, and the other half can be filled with lipstick, for example, when applying makeup to a woman. But to make up a Mexican skull is a right mix of terror and beauty. Of course, there are also beautiful models for colorful ornaments.

Our tip: You can also use facial tattoos to decorate a Mexican skull Dia de Los Muertos. These can be attached quickly and easily washed off again.

If you don't want to touch your real teeth but still want to have a skull teeth makeup, you can apply the same method mentioned above but on your lips. The effect can be surprising, mostly if you use it yourself; here is a picture of the expected result.


Skull Makeup For Kids

Skulls as Halloween costumes are especially popular with children. Children love to dress scary, and of course, heads should not be missing. If you don't want your whole face to be made up, you can simply put on a small skull. It's, of course, much faster on the cheek because you're recording the primer.


It is best for a skull on the cheek to paint it with a black kohl pencil and then fill it with white paint. There are also many models with which the composition of a skull is made easier like, jack skellington make up. 👨🏻🎨

Our advice: if you don't have much time, you can also try a skull tattoo. These are quick to stick and easy to wash off again.


Tips for facial makeup

If the skull is not scary enough for you, you can use the kohl pencil to paint delicate veins around your eyes. Applying skull makeup to a man with a beard also works well. Men with longer beards can also spray them with washable gray hair color. 🧔🏻

Otherwise, the beard is simply left aside, and makeup is applied around it. White or black contact lenses are also suitable for a skull and give it a scary touch.

If you're applying makeup to a skull for the first time, it's a good idea to do a makeup test before the Halloween party to get a better estimate of when to apply makeup. The more elaborate you want to design the skull, the more time you need to plan.

Tip: If you want to stand out at the party, you can use a night skull makeup kit. You can transform a simple skull to a sugar skull makeup


Now it’s your turn

You have no excuse to shine with your skull make up for next Halloween. We were able to retrace together how you can start and finish your make up. You can even make up your kids for this famous and unique evening.

We advise you to try make-up several times before perfecting your makeup; good things take time, as they say. You can follow some steps of makeup tutorials on youtube if you feel lost. In the meantime, we invite you to decorate your home with this beautiful collection of skull decorations. Imagine skulls everywhere in your home; the perfect decoration for the night of October 31st will succeed. Just click on the image below.


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