How to Store and Keep your Leather Motorcycle Gear?

Have you ever wondered how to store your motorcycle gear? How do you keep motorcycle leathers? Every biker faces this problem, and everyone has their method of doing so. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, riding a motorcycle requires some investments in equipment: helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, Liner, Zipper, Vests, motorcycle pants, Biker-jacket, Riding gear, belts, Eyewear, etc. But the more the years go by, the more you improve your skills. So you want to buy new equipment to complete your collection. But how to store them optimally?

Humidity and sweat are essential factors in the development of bacteria. Leaving your equipment to dry after use will prevent mold’s appearance and limit foul odors or the incrustation of stains. To preserve your equipment, it is therefore essential to store it dry and clean!

Welcome to Skull Action, the place where enthusiasts like you do their best to bring you quality content. Today we're going to talk about organization. You have to tidy up your room, your living room, your office, but what about your bike and equipment?

In this article, we will discuss the following points:

  • How to keep your Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  • Storing your leather motorcycle boots or shoes
  • How to store the Helmet and the gloves.
  • A surprise eco advise that other bikers will love

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How to keep your Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The purchase of leather (or even textile or denim) motorcycle jackets represents a significant investment. It is therefore vital to take care of it to keep it as long as possible. Leather is a material that is sensitive to water and heat (risk of deformation and discoloration). Avoid long trips in the rain and store your jacket a room temperature, away from radiators.

A leather motorcycle jacket weighs a certain amount, it’s an waterproof armor. It is preferable to store it on a comprehensive and solid hanger, horizontally on a flat surface, or if you have no choice, on the back of a chair (preferably rounded). The objective is to avoid deforming its interior protections or its general structure, which could happen by hanging it on a peg.

For long-term storage, there are specific covers to protect your jacket from dust.


Storing your Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Even if the helmet seems to be the best compromise to store your motorcycle gloves, it is better to abstain... Indeed, you risk promoting the proliferation of bacterial germs on the inner foams and putting them in contact with your face during your following rides!

It is better to hang or put your gloves on a shelf. As for the leather jacket, limit the contact of your leather gloves with a source of heat and do not keep them in a closed box; leave them in the open air so that the humidity evaporates.


The storage of its Leather Pants and its Leather Motorcycle Suit

The procedure to follow to store your leather pants or your leather motorcycle suit is the same for a leather jacket. You just have to hang them on a large and excellent hanger. Choose dry, ventilated, and unheated spaces. You can keep your pants or overalls in a cover to protect them from dust as for the vintage leather jacket.

Storing your leather motorcycle boots or shoes

You don't need rain to keep your leather motorcycle boots or shoes wet. The reason? Your feet sweat much more than the rest of your body. Therefore, they need more time to dry after use than the rest of your equipment.

To avoid foul odors, open your shoes for several hours, making sure not to block the inside with a pair of socks or your gloves; This would prevent ventilation! Then remember to close them up nicely so as not to deform them.

Once dry, store your boots or shoes out of the box, away from moisture and cool ground. Ideally, put them on a shelf or a raised surface.


What about the helmet?

The motorcycle helmet is undoubtedly the most cumbersome piece of your riding gear but, above all, the most fragile! After use, take the time to clean your helmet with a damp cloth to remove crushed insects and dust, then air dry it in case of humidity.

Each motorcycle helmet comes with a protective cover. Once cleaned and dried, leave the screen slightly ajar and place it on its surface. It minimizes the risk of scratches and will protect your helmet from dust.

As for storage, there are motorcycle helmet storage racks. If you don't have one, don't panic! A high shelf can do the trick. The most important thing is to protect your helmet from possible shocks. Avoid putting it on its cap, and it could roll and fall. As for the rest of your equipment, give priority to a ventilated storage room at room temperature.

Eco-Alternative: Donate or Sell your equipment

Whether you are a long-time biker or simply an enthusiast, you are accumulating equipment, and your closets are getting cluttered... Sorting out your kit is a must!

Donating or even selling can be an excellent way to get rid of your useless equipment. There are many ways to make this: social networks, second-hand websites, auctions/brokers, paper ads, donations to associations, etc.

All means are suitable to help you free up your space dedicated to your equipment while pleasing someone who has a use for it. It's also an opportunity to get some money back for your future purchases, think about it!

Please note that the sale of used motorcycle helmets is not recommended. But you can always bring back your old helmet to a specialized store and get discounts on your subsequent purchases.



In summary, make sure you keep your motorcycle equipment away from heat, cold, humidity, and drafts. At the same time, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance (especially of your leather motorcycle clothing which is more fragile) and to clean and air your equipment after each use.

You now have all the keys in hand to store and optimally preserve your motorcycle equipment! It's up to you!

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