Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Pretending to be able to explain the deep meaning hidden behind the skull tattoos is pretending to want to empty the sea with a little spoon... but our team is going to try anyway! Traditionally this symbol is associated with Death with a capital "M" and by extension, with the acceptance of its inevitability. A skull and crossbones can just as well evoke life, power, strength, triumph, rebellion... but undeniably is that under the simple and audacious aesthetics of the skull tattoo, is very often hidden a deep meaning that tells a part of the life of the person who wears it.

Skull tattoos are open to a large number of personalizations. In this article, we have selected the most common ones. Whoever wears a skull on the skin inevitably exposes himself to different interpretations made by the curious eyes of observers. So a piece of advice, when you choose a tattoo, be ready to explain your choice again and again to your fellow creatures. Here is our glossary of meanings hidden behind different designs of skull and crossbones tattoos!

Buffalo skull tattoo meaning

The origin of the bull skull is ancestral. This animal represents strength and power, so it is not insignificant that among others it was the emblem of Gods in mythology. Nowadays we associate the symbolism of this tattoo with the character traits of people born of this sign of the Zodiac. Note that it is particularly popular in Texas and in the West of the United States. More generally, a tattoo with a bull skull is the symbol of authority, leadership, determination and reliability. Choosing this tattoo is a way to assert your personality.

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Goat skull tattoo meaning

The goat is the ambivalent animal par excellence. It is just as much a symbol of fertility and prosperity as Satan's symbol. A tattoo of a goat's skull is therefore commonly associated with the cult of the phallus, a sign of fertility. By extrapolation, it also symbolizes lust, the irrepressible need to procreate of the Devil. Another interpretation of the goat skull tattoo wants it to be the receptacle of the evil forces, the one that absorbs the pernicious influences to protect us from them, hence the expression "scapegoat". Ambition is also associated with this animal capable of seeking its food at dizzying heights, like those who want to accomplish and obtain more and more from life. If you choose to tattoo a goat's head, make sure you give it a deep meaning because its symbolism is powerful.

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Pirate skull tattoo meaning

Emblem and powerful warning of the ruthless pirate, this skull tattoo of a pirate skull means in a few words: "Don't mess with me". It is also associated with toxicity and immediate danger. Given this powerful symbolism, it seems important to express your creativity by associating it with other symbols or colours so that it defines your personality as closely as possible. This tattoo is above all the mark of rebellion, it symbolizes the will to bring out your inner pirate!

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Human skull tattoo meaning

"Remember that you are going to die". This skull tattoo is the representation of the inevitability of fate or the tattoo that will accompany its bearer until death. This skull without a lower jaw also symbolizes moral slackening. It is therefore not surprising that drug traffickers or prostitutes wore these drawings to assert their belonging. A marginal and provocative symbolism for sure!

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Grim reaper skull tattoo meaning

The skull of the Grim Reaper, this disturbing, hooded figure who harvests the souls of the deceased, is a very dark tattoo. It is in essence a representation of threatening death, sin, and the fear of ending up in hell. It also symbolizes the loss of hope and is therefore close to the Gothic movement.

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Mexican skull tattoo meaning

It is the central symbol of the commemorative festivities of the "Dia de Muertos" in Mexico (popular remembrance festival for the disappeared). Any tattoo with Mexican skulls gives the wearer complete freedom in terms of decoration and colors. It is an excellent alternative to pay homage to a loved one who is gone. We observe an important growth of this movement.

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Rose and skull tattoo meaning

This skull and crossbones tattoo with a red rose is the perfect representation of duality, the contrast between life and death, greatness and decadence or good and evil. This skull often symbolizes for the wearer the difficult and fragile exercise of finding balance in life but also the acceptance of the joys and sorrows it imposes on us. The more the light-dark will be supported, the more the rendering will be sublimated!

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Snake and skull tattoo meaning

This skull and crossbones tattoo with a snake is particularly present in the traditional American style. The skull with the snake is a Gothic symbol that emphasizes the persistence of knowledge beyond death. This animal expresses the fascination and taboo of the human being towards death. It is often associated with the Devil and evil forces.

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Skull with crown tattoo meaning

The tattoo of a skull-topped with a crown symbolizes the desire for power. Considered the attribute of kings par excellence, the crown on a skull transcends all hopes and dreams. However, the Mexicans attribute a completely different interpretation to it, whoever wears this tattoo will be luckier in another life.

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Indian chief skull tattoo meaning

The Indian headdress represents the soul of the wearer. It has a deep symbolism, that of a bewitching culture with a rich past. The skull and crossbones tattoo with Indian represents the sum of our accomplishments, our victories as well as our spiritual ascension in life.

👉 Temporary Indian Tattoo

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Meaning "Skull and Crossbones with Clock" tattoo:

The message is clear in the skull and crossbones with clock tattoo: Remember you're mortal! The hands inevitably turn and remind you of the time you have left on earth and the time of the fateful day. But to stick to this symbolism would be too simplistic. The clock is a source of inspiration for the wearer, he must use his time wisely.

👉 Temporary Tattoo Clock

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Meaning "Skull and Butterfly" tattoo:

Tragic events in our lives impact us and are symbolized by the skull in this tattoo. The butterfly embodies transformation, growth, change, the willingness to turn our backs on the past and reinvent the future after an upheaval. We must continue to live even after a part of our life has died!

👉 Temporary Butterfly Tattoo

 Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Raven and skull tattoo meaning

The raven is often depicted as a dark and sinister bird... so are the tattoos adorned with this mystical bird. Nevertheless, such a tattoo can also be full of positive characteristics! In the Middle Ages, it was considered lucky to meet a dead crow. The Chinese, on the other hand, have always associated the black raven as a symbol of love. In addition, the raven has the characteristic of being a very intelligent and wise bird. It is often recognized in North American culture as the spiritual guide, offering inspiration to those who recognize its power.

👉 Temporary Tattoo Raven
Meaning of Skull Tattoos

Shakespeare skull tattoo meaning

In Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet mourns the death of his jester, Yorick. He declares that he was a "member of the infinite joke" by staring at his skull. A symbol of death for someone who embodied life. It shows the absurdity of existence.

Celtic skull tattoo meaning

The Celts considered the skull to be the cradle of the soul, the central focus of the spirit, the very symbol of strength and warrior value. Now choosing this tattoo design represents the matrix of knowledge and understanding, power and command, and transience. There again the bearer of this tattoo with a Celtic skull will have the will to assert his personality of conqueror as much as his capacity to face all kinds of situations.

Tribal skull tattoo meaning

Decorated with bold geometric designs, this tattoo is a tribute to the memory of those who have passed away. By extrapolation, it can also symbolize the courage and ghostly appearances of those who died in battle. The tribal skull tattoo is imbued with mysticism and spirituality.

Make your choice!

As you can see, skull tattoos have many different meanings. The skull, whatever the message it conveys, is a powerful image that many of us can identify with. So it's not surprising that interest in this symbol is growing. And if there is only one to remember, it would be "let's live each day as if it were the last".

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