Men Wearing Skull Rings

What do you think about men wearing skull rings?

Do you ever wonder about men who wear skull rings? Do those people seem weird to you? Does this kind of style confuse you? Or maybe you want to wear some big jewels around your fingers?

Men who wear skull rings are generally not on the fringe of society. They have a free and borderline rebellious character. They claim their freedom through unique and, in most cases, flashy jewelry. Some express their style; others use their jewelry to communicate their membership in a gang or club.

We are a group of passionate and we love skull rings; we're going to answer your intrigues. We will see together :

- Skull ring in the street world.

- Who are men with skull rings

- How you can be one of them.

After this article, you will be able to talk about this subject as an expert, and your opinion will be valuable for those who have questions.

Skull symbols in jewelry

To fully understand the subject, we must start at the beginning. We will discover together the general meaning of wearing skull jewelry; then, we will dive into the world of skull rings.

Skull Symbol

What's the goal of wearing skull rings?

Rings style have always had a unique meaning for men, the symbolism that this type of jewelry rings exudes is powerful. Skull rings have a profound sense. Indeed, the skull is a symbol of danger, death but also of unity and eternity.

The purpose of putting on skull rings is to express all these deep meanings that reflect the personality. This jewel is visible to others and oneself as we look at our hands throughout the day

Skull Ring Gold

Who's the first to wear skull rings?

We don't have exact data on the first person who put on a skull ring. However, we can say that the first to use this powerful symbol was the Prussians in the 19th century. It was a purely military symbol, and nowadays, we can understand why.

In the '50s, the founders of the philosophy of bikers were former soldiers who came back from the war; they used the skull and also the crossbones in their symbolism and handmade jewelry after the American war.

Old biker

Which kind of person wears skull rings?

The people who wear these jewels around their fingers are not numerous but are very special. Indeed, it takes a certain amount of courage to stand out from society to be able to ignore the criticism and misunderstanding of others.

At the top of the list, it's the bikers who are the most adept, followed by metalheads and goths. Rock stars love wearing them, and they have played a significant role in the spread of this fashion. Some gangs use these jewels to show their belonging.

Skull rings and the street world

Now that we have discovered together who the precursors of this trend are, we are going to enter the street world with all that concerns biker clubs and dangerous gangs. Then, we'll explain why silver rings and stainless steel skull rings have different meanings and can be unisex.

Why do gangs wear skull rings?

Gangs are generally associated with delinquency and criminality. However, The world of the street forced them to adapt. They have codes of membership, and many express them through mens jewelry.

Engraved skull ring jewelry are highly visible and are ideal for representing a symbol of fear. Some have their coding that only other members or opposing gangs understand. Generally, groups use skull signet rings to communicate something.

Gang skull ring

Why do bikers love skull rings?

Only the club members who have already proven themselves wear skull rings for men. Bikers claim a free and rebellious spirit and love to express it.

Skull head rings (steel rings) for bikers are often big and imposing; the goal is that they are highly visible. Indeed, a biker needs to assert his style wildly because his spirit is strong and powerful. Also, it can represent a band ring for the brotherhood.

Bikers are dangerous to people who cause them harm. That's why a skull symbol is prominently displayed on their signet to inspire danger and to say, "watch out! I can be dangerous". Very Masculine.

Biker love skull ring

Difference between Silver and Stainless Steel Skull rings

Many people wonder what the difference is between silver or stainless steel skull rings. It seems logical that the only difference is the material. Indeed, sterling silver silver rings are more expensive and has the property of not blackening, which is not the case of pure steel rings.

Silver has always been considered noble. Nevertheless, stainless steel does not blacken as well and is very durable.

Nowadays, sterling silver skull rings are still more prestigious than those made of steel; this is very logical because the material is nobler. However, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two once worn—a considerable advantage for average budgets.

Silver or Steel skull ring

What do you think about men wearing skull rings?

Finally, the long-awaited question, we'll tell you what we think of men who chose to wear the skulls rings. It's still a considered opinion since we're passionate specialists in this rebellious universe.

They assume their personality.

Have you ever met people with a very expressive style? Like metalheads, Gothics, punks, or bikers. They all have their style that reflects their personality.

It's a form of self-confidence, a strength that these individuals draw from their musical and political identity and their philosophy of life. Don't hesitate to talk to someone who wears skull rings the next time you see one.

Funny Biker

They are rebels

People who wear skull rings are 100% rebellious. First of all, they disagree with the way of life of the majority of society. They have constructive criticism of politicians even if their opinions sometimes seem extreme. They remain interesting.

Secondly, they are generally indifferent to criticism. A rebellious mind is not sensitive to criticism based on judgments. However, I advise you not to go and openly criticize a biker gang. 😅

Finally, they have an extraordinary style of clothing, a look that intrigues most people. It's impossible not to notice a metalhead, a goth, a punk, or a biker on the street.

We are rebels

They are attractive to some women.

Women are generally attracted to men who show a particular self-confidence, so having confidence is a key to seduction. The perfect women's skull design ring can be an asset.

People who wear skull rings are so self-confident that they claim a unique style without fear of criticism. Moreover, they are usually people who are not afraid to say what they think—anything to attract rebellious women.

Besides, women love jewelry. A man who imposes himself with big manly jewels can only please these ladies.

American biker couple

They are different from others.

One thing is sure; men who wear skull rings are different from everyone else. Such an attraction for big jewels with a powerful and dangerous symbol is not for everyone.

They have decided to live according to their convictions and impose their style in society without fear of criticism, this requires a lot of courage, and that's not what they lack.

Everyone can wear a skull ring.

We can all wear skull rings, no matter what's your style or age. You will find in the following a lot of useful information in case you want to adopt this jewel or even give it as a gift to your loved ones.

Which skull ring should I wear?

It depends on your taste of clothing. If you like big shoes and imposing styles, you can opt for big skull rings, as all bikers do.

Otherwise, if you are relatively discreet, there are more compact models with a more small design while highlighting the skull. You can also have a simple style and put imposing rings or the opposite; this will make a unique mix and can be a very original clothing style.

Skull ring jewel

Skull rings, the best gift idea?

Are you asking yourself if it's good to offer skull rings to your friends or your lover? The first thing you have to do is looking at the style of their clothes.

If he/she likes skulls, there's a good chance it's the perfect gift. However, some people don't want to wear rings, so you have to ask the question subtly without arousing suspicion.

Generally, for metalheads, bikers, punk, goths, it's a perfect gift. A better strategy is to ask the person directly. For example, you can say that you love the skull ring someone is wearing in a picture or the street and observe the reaction.

Skull gift

Can I buy her/him a skull ring for our engagement?

Instead of choosing a rose gold ring, nothing is stopping you from choosing a beautiful skull ring to commit to the love of your life. Indeed, the skull is not only a symbol of death or danger. It's a human skull, after all—a powerful symbol of eternity and a unique wedding-ring.
What do you think about men wearing skull rings?
Along with a flower or a butterfly, it can give it a sense of eternal love for a promise ring, even after death. You can look through our collection to get an idea of the ideal skull rings for such an event.

Engagement skull ring for men

What's your finger size?

To measure the size of the perfect skull ring. You'll need to cut a strip of papercut. It should be long enough to go around your finger. Then you'll need to wrap the piece of paper around the bottom of your finger.

Draw a line where the two ends of the piece of paper intersect and, finally, use a ruler to measure the paper strip. We've made a quick guide for you.

Where can I buy skull rings?

We are glad to have contributed to answer your questions on such exciting topics. We hope you feel up to joining the brotherhood of men with skull rings💪. We also have an extensive collection of rings for women😍.

Being passionate, we have more than 500 skull rings to offer you in a vast and quality collection. We are sure that you will find something that will seduce you if you have any questions we will be happy to answer you.

What do you think about men wearing skull rings?
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