Skull and Bones Secret Society

Skull and Bones Secret Society

Today, it is a unique and real story that we come to reveal to you: the story of the secret society "Skull and Bones" (literally: Skull and Bones)! 🤫 With powerful members and mysterious rituals, this fraternity from Yale University in the USA is nicknamed the "Brotherhood of Death". This closed group, which can easily resemble a cult, has long been associated with many sinister conspiracy theories!

For your curiosity and that of all our readers, we have done our research on this mysterious sect. 🧐

1) Desecration of the Tomb of Geronimo

Legend has it that in 1918, in the shelter of darkness, Prescott S. Bush (a student at Yale) dug up the grave of a famous Apache warrior: Geronimo! An eminent tribal chief and respected medicine man (shaman), Geronimo is a prominent figure to the people of the United States.

Bush, accompanied by several co-conspirators, then brought the remains of the Native American to American University at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. This private university is home to the headquarters of one of America's most mysterious secret societies.

In the picture below are 15 members of the "Brotherhood of Death". According to the legend, the bones on the table (skull and crossbones) belong to Geronimo.

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

2) Origin of the Skull and Bones Brotherhood

Founded in 1832, 131 years after the opening of the University, the company was created after some of the existing companies found themselves in conflict at an award ceremony. To end the conflict and come to a conclusion, the members of Livonia, Brothers in Unity, and Calliopean moved away from their respective groups and formed Skull and Bones.

William Huntington-Russel and Alphonso Taft took the initiative to create the society and, along with 12 other members, formed the inaugural class. Every spring since 1832, the society has chosen fifteen new members from among the youth, including women since the early 1990s.

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

3) List of Skull and Bones Members

Among the individuals considered are members of the cult on campus and prominent personalities who the society believes it can benefit from in the future. Each of them, as you can see, has an important place in society 🎖.

Even today, many of these people continue to join the sect at some point during the year. A list of known members who have joined has been found:

Robert William Kagan, neo-conservative writer...
Michael Cerveris, singer, guitarist, actor
Earl G. Graves Jr., president of the Black Enterprise...
Edward S. Lampert, Founder of ESL Investments
James Emanuel Boasberg, Judge
Steven Mnuchin, US Secretary of the Treasury
Malcolm Frank, president of Cognizant Technology Solutions.
Paul Giamatti, son of Bart Giamatti, actor.
James Bosquez, political reporter
Austan Goolsbee, Barack Obama's Chief Economist
Angela Warnick Buchdahl, senior rabbi
It is still very complicated to be aware of the new people who come to this company. It wishes to keep a big secret in its activities and the integration of its new followers.

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

4) U.S. Presidents and Conspiracy?

Throughout history, some of America's most prominent figures have been men of death. Selected members are chosen each year to join the ranks of elite students.

The Bush family has been an integral part of Skull and Bones for generations! For example, Bush, the father of President George H.W. Bush and George W.'s grandfather, are all "Bonesmen" (nickname for the members of Skull and Bones). In addition, hundreds of government officials, such as former Secretary of State (John Kerry) and members of the entertainment industry (such as actor Paul Giamatti) have joined the Brotherhood.

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

5) Mysterious Initiation Ritual

Apart from remarkable former students and a few legends, little is known about the "skull and bones" society. The initiation process of the society has long been shrouded in secrecy, leading many to believe that it involves occult practices... not only around skulls and bones but also black magic and even animal sacrifices! 😵

How far do you think they can get?

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

6) Sect Headquarters

Like all Yale University fraternities (there are seven), Skull and Bones have its own headquarters. Known colloquially as "The Tomb", the Skull and Bones hall is a windowless Gothic building on High Street, the USA 🇺🇸 It is located right next to the campus. Members meet regularly for meetings and events.

It's not easy to get to know the atmosphere inside what is considered their headquarters, the decor, and the colors that can be found there. Paintings with skulls? Flags of bones? Portraits of important members who have joined the sect? 👀 It is also the resting place of Geronimo's bones as well as the skulls of former president Martin Van Buren and Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa.

In addition to "The Tomb", the company also owns Deer Island, a small piece of land located in the St. Lawrence River. The purpose of the island, described as dilapidated and relatively abandoned, is to be a retreat, a place where members can go on weekends to "rekindle old friendships" 🤝 ... or perform secret rituals!

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

7) Theories and Legends about Skull and Bones

Because of the secrecy and elitism promoted by the Society, the Skull and Bones Society, as well as the Bonesmen, have long been the subject of conspiracy theories! Some claim that the group was behind the Kennedy assassination or that they were responsible for the creation of the nuclear bomb.

The most controversial would be that they are sponsored and influenced by the Illuminati and that they even control the entire Central Intelligence Agency, no less.

These theories, as crazy as they may sound, are not so bad as far as the members are concerned. At different times in history, the Bonesmen have had control over the fortunes of the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and the Fords.

Their members also rose through the ranks and held high positions in the Council on Foreign Relations. But also powerful media companies such as Time and, of course, three U.S. presidents (William Howard Taft, in addition to the Bushes). And in the 2004 presidential election, the Republican and Democratic candidates, Kerry and W. Bush were both former Bonesmen. And that, we bet you didn't know about that! 🤫

 Skull and Bones Secret Society

8) Secret Brotherhood: the Mystery remains whole

In spite of the theories and accusations surrounding them, the Bonesmen have remained notoriously silent about what goes on in their inner sanctum. Kerry and Bush were asked about life as Bonesmen in the 2004 election, but neither of them wanted to comment. Normal, after all.

"It's a secret," says Kerry without adding anything more.
"I can't say any more," Wadded. Bush in his autobiography!
It may be that the members of society are really planning to conquer the world, or that nothing really happens in the Tomb. In any case, nothing worth mentioning. Maybe the members simply enjoy being the subject of senseless theories? 🤨
Hundreds of books, documentaries, and specials have been published. All in an attempt to learn more about the inner workings of society, to no avail. The only way to really learn something interesting is to become a member.

masonic skull and bones ring

9) Your Skull & Bones Ring!

Skull and Bones remain a very secret society, and in our humble opinion, will maintain this image for a long time to come. That said, if you want to know more about this strange cult, all you have to do is go to the Yale campus, and investigate directly on the spot! There's bound to be a lot of juicy information to gather, and maybe even some members to meet...

In the meantime, you can always try to be spotted by the members of this company with this superb Skull and Bones Ring! The Grim Reaper also has its own selection of conspiracy-oriented skull and crossbones rings, such as the Freemason Ring, the Illuminati Steel Ring, or this Silver Anarchy Ring! 💀

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