Skull Asteroid

Skull Shape Asteroid Revolves Around The Sun

 Since the beginning of the conquest of space, several mysteries have remained unanswered. For example, there is a strange asteroid that looks like a human skull whose hollowed features seem to be lit by the trembling glow of a candle: it is the famous Halloween asteroid!

Skull asteroid

 Just like the Earth, space also has a sense of humour, as this very special asteroid proves. 2015 TB145 is not an asteroid like the others because it looks mostly like a skull and crossbones.

 Asteroid 2015 TB145 was named as such because it was discovered by the scientific community on October 10, 2015. In addition to its macabre and unusual shape, the reputation of this celestial body also comes from the fact that 4 years ago, it passed close to Earth on October 31, Halloween night. Simple coincidence ? We don't think so !


Skull head asteroid

 Since then, the one that astronomers affectionately refer to as the "Halloween Asteroid" or the "Great Pumpkin" came back to say hello last year on November 11th. By 2015 and 2018, it had "brushed" against the Earth at a distance of 486,000 km and 38 million km respectively. Researchers predict that the next time it will be close to our planet will not be until Halloween 2082.

orbit skull asteroid

 Rotating around the sun, asteroid 2015 TB145 would be 625 and 700 metres in diameter. Researchers are particularly intrigued by its characteristics: it reflects very little light but absorbs it almost completely. Studies dating from 2017 suggested that it could be a dead comet, a comet with its tail extinct and a simple core of ice and dust lost in space.

 Astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts alike will still have to wait until 2082, when it next passes close to our planet, to observe it again and perhaps finally unravel the mysteries surrounding this asteroid that is decidedly unlike any other.

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Skull Shape Asteroid Revolves Around The Sun

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