The Crystal Skulls

The Crystal Skulls

The crystal skulls that appeared on the European market at the end of the 19th century gave rise to much speculation. One crystal skull belongs to the British Museum, another skull to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Many private individuals are also holders of crystal skulls.

 Crystal skull heads

This mystery was the subject of a fascinating investigation by two BBC journalists a few years ago. Scientific evidence and testimonies from the descendants of the Amerindian peoples lead us to question the past of humanity and its future. This strange affair brings us back to the Mayan calendar and the famous date of December 21, 2012, but also to the mythical city of Atlantis.

 13 skull prophecy

According to a Mayan prophecy, the skulls were transmitted to them by the Atlanteans who held them from the Initiators from the sky. When the thirteen skulls are reunited, they will reveal the secret of life, in 2012 of our era.

 skull mayan

According to legend, they hold powers of divination, healing and mediumship. The Maya believe that these skulls contain great information about the history of humans and ancient civilizations. These five skulls were studied (among others) in 1996 by the British Museum, which owns one of them.

Anna Le Guillon’s crystal skull

 Anna Le Guillon Skull

In 1924, Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges, then 17, and her adoptive father, the English explorer Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges, discovered a rock crystal skull in the ruins of a temple in the Mayan city of "Fallen Stones" in Lubaantùn, Belize.

Apart from the absence of cranial sutures, it is an almost perfect reproduction of a female human skull, weighs 5 kg and is composed of two pieces, the lower jaw fitting exactly into the upper part.

 mitchell hedges skull

The skull has amazing optical properties: Illuminated from underneath, light gushes out through the orbits. Hit from behind by the sun's rays, an intense beam of light (which can set the skull on fire) is emitted from the orbits, nose and mouth. 

 The puzzle posed by these skulls is that, according to experts, only 20th-century tools, such as diamond-coated drill bits, could have attacked a material as hard as quartz crystal. However, the skulls that have been authenticated date back to a period well before the Spanish conquest.

 It is known that Amerindian peoples did not use tools to shape their objects. That's the whole problem for scientists. A team of scientists from the Hewlet-Packard crystallography company examined the skull and here are the conclusions after examination:

  •  Both pieces are cut from the same block of rock crystal. along its axis of molecular symmetry, which gives it these amazing optical properties.
  • No instrument marks or microscopic marks of any kind. If the sculptors slowly and meticulously polished the object by hand with a mixture of sand and water, it would have taken several generations of workers and 300 years to achieve this result!
  • Without a trace of machining, it is impossible to date its manufacture (it does not age).
  • With modern diamond technology it would take a year of work to obtain the external aspect (but with traces of machining), as for the prismatic effects, their reproducibility is even more difficult. 


Crystal skulls are said to hold magical powers that would enable the spiritual upliftment of humans, the spontaneous production of holographic images and strange sound noises. It is said that crystal skulls can speak or sing and some are said to have healing and clairvoyant properties.

There are other crystal skulls in the world whose discovery or acquisition is also never clearly established:

 Nick Nocerino Skull Head

Nick Nocerino Skull shanara

Nick Nocerino, owner of a crystal skull called "Sha-Na-Ra", founded a parapsychological research institute to study their psychic properties. Jo Ann Parks is the owner of the skull named "Max" and Norma Redo is the owner of the skull "at the cross of the reliquary" (the Spaniards pierced the skull in order to insert a cross). The Smithonian Institute and the British Muséeum also own a crystal skull. In the video below, you can see this beautiful crystal skull !


The British Museum conclusion

 British Crystal Skull

These five skulls were studied in 1996 by the British Museum, whose conclusions are available here: The skull of the British Museum and the skull of the Smithonian Institute have traces of machining. For the skull with the reliquary cross, the teeth have been retouched as well as obviously the hole that the Spaniards drilled to insert the cross. For the other two skulls the British Museum stubbornly refuses to give its conclusions but also to say exactly why! However, the results were transmitted orally to journalists and the owners of the skulls tested:

The skull of the British Museum has traces of millstones. It is therefore considered "post-columbian".

 These two exposed skulls are therefore not so ancient and can be considered "fakes".

On the other hand, the skull known as "with the reliquary cross" was indeed hand-made. It must have been carved some time before or shortly after the Spanish conquest. Nothing proves that the skull of Anna Mitchell-Hedges is a fake. Concerning the last two skulls, the spokesman for the British Museum said: 

"I'm afraid we're not in a position to comment on the other two skulls" and the team has been instructed not to comment, the British Museum even denies having carried out these analyses!

The powers of the quartz crystal

quartz crystal skull

The jeweller's wheel was only introduced to the Americas after the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Quartz crystal is, after diamond, the hardest material in the world. It is impossible to carve this material by hand. According to specialists at Hewlett Packard, it would have taken a year with modern tools to carve the skull of Anna Mitchell-Hedges. Moreover, even with our tools, such a precise and fragile piece would have shattered under the effects of vibration and heat.

Quartz crystal is now part of our lives. The heart of our computers, where all information is stored, is a small silicon crystal chip. This chip uses the unique properties of crystal to store information. According to the Mayans, crystal skulls are ancient computers. They would contain important information about the origins of humanity and its destiny.

Quartz crystal has recently been at the forefront of scientific progress: measuring instruments, telecommunications, radar and sonar systems... Why were skulls made from this type of quartz? Did civilizations considered "primitive" have knowledge that we have only had for less than 100 years?

 Mayans, Aztecs and Atlanteans 

 Crystal Skull Maya

According to Mayan legend, the Itzas, who came from Atlantis, brought the skulls with them. Atlantis is called "Atlantiha" in the Mayan language. Atlantis has always been part of the oral tradition of the Amerindian peoples. In Tula, a metropolis of the Toltecs, more than 1,000 years old, there is a temple called "Temple of the Atlanteans". Behind this temple is the coatepantliau or snake wall, which is decorated with bas-reliefs. They represent a series of snakes with a human skull in place of the head. Archaeologists are always perplexed, this construction is dedicated to the "Atlanteans".

This temple established a connection between a mysterious group of beings designated as Atlanteans and the image of the human skull. Mayan priests used skulls in ceremonies whose meaning escapes us. However, the "authenticated" crystal skulls are anatomically perfect. Mitchell's crystal skull has an articulated jaw, hence its nickname by the Native peoples of "talking skulls" and "singing skulls". According to them, Mayan priests used skulls to predict the future by making them talk. 

The Messages of the Skulls

In the beginning, there were 12 worlds where human life was present. The Earth was called "the planet of the children". The eleven other worlds gathered their knowledge in a kind of holographic computer, the crystal skulls. These "Ancients" brought these skulls to Earth and gave the knowledge to mankind. They helped mankind build four great civilizations: Lemuria, Mu, Mieyhun and Atlantis.

The 13 skulls were kept in a pyramid called "the Ark". Several civilizations were the guardians of the Ark: the Olmecs, then the Mayans and finally the Aztecs. The Aztecs would have made a bad use of it.

The skulls were dispersed by the Aztec priests after the Spanish conquest. They had to remain separate because their collective power was too powerful to be used wisely by man. The message of the skulls is very topical. If man continues to take from the Earth without giving anything back in return, the fourth world or fifth sun, which is due to end on December 21, 2012, will be the last …

We hope this article has taught you something about the legends of Crystal Skulls. You are armed for your next discussion on the subject!

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