What Are Goths Beliefs

What are goths beliefs?

Goth Culture And Religion

When talking about Gothicism, one of the most asked questions is "what is the relationship between Gothic and religions? "or "is Gothicism related to a particular religion or even to satan? Or maybe you often come across gothic people and confuse them with Satanists?

Luckily the Skull Action team is here to answer your questions. Whether you are a naughty, curious person or a passionate person, we are here to help you in your research

Gothic people have never proclaimed themselves as having a fixed religion. This counterculture dissociates from faith. That said, spirituality, death, and spirits are notions that define the movement itself.

In this blog, we will answer the following topics:

  • The relationship between Goths and religions
  • Why spirituality has such an essential place in this movement
  • The kinship between goths and life, and even with death

Let's see without further ado how the Gothic people view religions, rituals, and especially why they are so fascinated by death.

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Goth, The Belief System

The Gothics do not have a belief system based on a given religion. Research has shown that there is virtually no correlation between a person's faith and Gothic movement involvement. Gothics can be atheists, pagan, Jews, agnostics, Satanists, pagans, Muslims, etc.

Despite the record of religions present in the Gothic counterculture, most Goths do not follow any organized religion and consider personal spiritual beliefs to be private and confidential. They are very philosophical about the devinitaion and theology.

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Goths Are Free From Religion

 The Gothic movement is based on open-mindedness and exploration without limits and without regard to what is standardized by society or other religions.

As a result, Gothics are more inclined to explore and experiment with alternative religions, doctrines, and forms of spirituality than organized and dominant religions. Some of them even consider Gothism to be a religion.

It was also noted that the Gothic movement is very open to religions that are controversial within the dominant culture, beliefs that tend towards occult and magical rituals, and even obscure worshipping.

Some Goths even allow themselves to mix religious movements among themselves. Some adopted the satanic symbols. Those that come back the most are occultism, neopaganism, esotericism, black magic, paganism, etc.

Goth and religion

Goths and spirituality

Many Goths practice occult magic, wicca, sorcery, modern witchcraft, and specific rituals that allow them to contact dark and transcendental entities; This confirms that everyone pursues their quest for spirituality in their way. If we step out of this subculture, we can already see that many people consider life on earth as a phase of our existence and that our consciousness never dies.

The Gothics are in complete agreement with this way of looking at things and catching our lives on earth as the beginning of a long spiritual journey, some are convinced that life is about reincarnation and enlightenment

Through this extraordinary lifestyle, some people invoke a supernatural reality through shamanism based on mediation between humans and spirits.

Let us recall that the gothic definition is: "the reality is filled with evil, caused by the supernatural.” This movement’s primary goal is to reconcile with the supernatural and the evil caused by it by worshiping the spirits through magical rites, which allow them to identify and become one with the evil.

Goth Darkness

The Confusion Between Goths And Satanists

The Goths are often equated with Satanists because of their appearance, some luciferians are indeed Gothic, but the Gothics are not, by essence, Satanists. The Gothics are a tiny part of the church of satan.

Satanism and occultism represent incredibly complex beliefs, with beliefs as rich and diverse as Christianity.

Among the gothic people, music is the primary means of expression. It is used to tell and live the myths. Sometimes, it is even used to create a welcoming atmosphere for the supernatural to try to communicate with it. These kinds of experiences are considered spiritually purifying, cleansing, and liberating.

Goth and satanic

Are you rebels? Goths are!

Rebellion is at the center of this counterculture, so this movement is against societal norms and established order. By definition, being gothic is being rebellious, which is one of the main reasons for its success with teenagers.

This movement sometimes expresses the blasphemy of the Christian faith. By rejecting belief in a god or other religious organization. 

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Life And Death For A Goth

The Gothic movement aims to liberate the darkness present in each human being, allowing him to express it in everyday life.

In other words, Gothic aims to tame the dark part of the human psyche. Hence the relationship to death and the fascination felt for it by our Goths friends. The Gothic has elevated end to a very high rank, so the desire to die is significant for a Gothic, yet it is the greatest fear of human beings, especially in the West.

Angel of death for Goth

The search for dark and evil transcendence is part of the Gothic quest; That is why they are always looking for unusual places like cemeteries, ruins, deserted churches for their different practices, and invocations and cults.

It is essential to mention that some cemeteries or resting places of notorious personalities are considered pilgrimage places, where initiation rituals related to occultism or black magic are often practiced.

It’s Time To Become A Rebellious Goth

During this article, we have discovered the relationship between the Gothic and the religions. You have certainly been able to conclude that no religion is specific to the Gothic movement.

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What are goths beliefs?

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This is horribly inaccurate to history; for anyone that wants a purely defiled modern-only infomred Gothic culture then this article is for you. Otherwise it’s complete hogwash. Try researching some actual Goth history; some keywords to search: Aryan Christian. Ostrogoths. Theodoric the Great. Ravenna. Their views different from Catholic Christians; in that they believed Jesus was not the same, equal as the Father God and venerated the Virgin differently, not as a divine being. They believed more closely in the Gnostics ideas form previous to the Age of Christ, predating the Roman Influences that described and demonized peoples as propaganda; making barbarians and huns and goths out to be dark and foreboding peoples. When they were beautiful, intelligent, migrating peoples of German, Rus, and overall Northern Asia.


i am a baby bat, (newbie goth) and i could use some music makeup and style tips, i love gothic rock and a lot of goth music, i share there beliefs, and id like to dress goth myself


I have been interested in goth culture/beliefs for a long time, but I hear conflicting information about it depending on who I talk to. I’m particularly interested in how a goth really views death and if some intentionally pursue it or help others to pursue it.


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