What are sugar skulls used for?

If you live in Mexico, you will have the idea of the celebrations that happen here, including the day of the dead. However, if you are someone new, then this article will be enough to explain the Mexican public holiday on the day of the day or which is also known as the Día de Muertos. A public holiday is granted to everyone from this day.

The Day of the Dead has been a ritual of the Mexican people from the beginning of time. To the students about the day is thought through the "literary Calaveras", which explains to them that death visits the land of living to take the living with itself to his land, i.e., the land of death.

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Used in the festival - The Day of the Dead or the Día de Muertos

    The Day of the Dead or the Día de Muertos is celebrated by creating and building altars, and students celebrate it at schools by building altars and sugar skulls

    • The students, who do not follow this culture, also join in to contribute to this festival.
    • Some of the locals enjoy the Day of the Dead or the Día de Muertos by giving time to their families and spending their leisure time with them.

     Some people would take time out and visits the graves of their relatives and friends who had passed away, and they would place a sort of skull known as sugar skull on the tombstones of the respective relative.


    ​​Used in altars on the Day of Dead

      Sugar skulls are an integral part of the altar developed on the Day of the Dead or the Día de Muertos but not only for the altar, but the cemetery makes the use of sugar skulls. When the Day of the Dead or the Día de Muertos would be near the Mexican streets would get filled, the vendors who would sell the sugar skulls of different sizes. 

      The sugar skulls can be this tiny that they can be placed in your hand, being five in number, or they can be available in huge sizes as well, which are as huge as you might need a transparent box for it. The sugars skulls are made of sugars are edible.

      Used in different colors to celebrate & remember the lives of dead

        If you think that why the typical, creepy and simple skull is not used, the colorful, iced, and tasty skull is used for the Day of the Dead. That's because the Día de Muertos is not a dead day. A lot of colors is involved in this day well. People do a lot of celebrations; decorations and they made their environment very colorful. Icing is also added to the skulls for taste and decor.

        The Mexican people are beige that they do not want to make this memorial a gloomy day to depict the grayness of life. Instead, they want to ensure that the life of their passed ones is celebrated. 

        To place sugar skulls on their tombstones and their altars on the Day of the Dead is not for their mourns against their gone ones, but to celebrate and remember the lives that are gone from this world, the gone ones who had an influence, part and role in their lives that has caused a huge impact on them.


        What does color in skulls mean?

        The skull comes in different colors and icings, having different meanings. Let's look into the different kinds of means the sugar skulls can depict.

        ​​Mini sugar skull in pink color with icing

        The color and decor of the sugar skulls can be done differently in different colors and in extra icing, entirely dependent upon the people. Some people also love to paint the sugar skull with the face of the person who has passed away in different colors. That's when the sugar skull has a different place. The different colors depict different meanings, which are as follows.

        • The red color represents the blood of the Mexican people
        • The purple color is used to show pain, but it is associated with royalty and richness in some cultures.
        • Yellow is used to show the Mexican marigold flower, which itself is used to signifying death.
        • Orange color is used for representing the sun.
        • White and pink shows celebrations and purity
        • Lastly, the color black is used to epitomize the land of the dead.


        Name tags on the sugar skulls

        There are also names written on the skulls by home the altar is being passed over to honor them to honor the ones living right now; So that the ones who are gone are celebrated and remembered, but the ones here are offered the offering and appreciation. 

        On the Day of the Dead, there is a tradition to gift someone a sugar skull which has their name written on it to reserve their slot in the land of death. Sugar skulls are not a reminder of death. It shows them that we are all mortals, and they will be remembered after death.

        You can check the origin of the day of the dead   if you want to know more about this unique colorful fest. 

        In conclusion

        Suppose you also have plans to build an altar the Day of the Dead or the Día de Muertos or remember those who have left us. In that case, you can add the sugar skulls with different colors that suit you, painting and fantastic icings to your alters or you even might consider taking the skulls to the cemetery and place it on their tombstones on the Day of the Dead.

         The best way to enjoy this festive would be to make it remembered by remembering the ones who are gone but appreciating the ones who are here with us, living. The sugar skulls will remind them of the spiritual life after death.

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        sugar skull mug

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