what do bikers call each other

What do bikers call each other?

Bikers have their slang language, which they use to regard themselves and their activities. It is widespread for motorcycle riders to group up together and make their motorcycle clubs. It is a fantastic way to make your group go out on the open roads and enjoy. Some of the groups and clubs of these motorcycle riders are official clubs. Others are made up of amigos who want to band on the streets and ride their bikes. 🤜🏼🤛🏼 

The biker who rides his bike alone is called the lone wolf. Lone wolf likes the empty roads and quiet rides and loneliness. So, if you ever get to have a chance to spend some time with the motorcycle riders, you will get to hear different slang words. This article is all about explaining to you the jargon of the motorcycle riders.

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Slang for motorcycle riders

Let us explore some fantastic slang words that motorcycle riders use to call each other. They have adapted many interesting slang words for each other to show their unity. Each of these slang words used by the riders and their clubs has its meaning. 🏍

  • Front Door

Many of the bikers go out with the rider friends of their local group. As they ride by, they make their bikes roar on the roads. The first rider in the group is called the front door. This rider has to lead the motorcycle riders' group.

  • Back Door

The biker is called at the back door when he or she is in the last of the group. This rider is the most experienced among all. This last motorcycle rider has a second name of tail gunner or the sweep.

  • Citizens

The motorcycle riders call all the members of the biker’s club the citizens.

  • Independents

The motorcycle riders who are inclined and love to ride alone and not in groups are known as independents. They enjoy the solitude and go out alone on the open roads for their satisfaction. Mostly riding in packs isn't fancied by them.🐺

  • Weekend Warrior

This motorcycle rider comes out on an occasional basis. He or she is not a regular biker. Mainly weekends are the perfect timing for him to go on a motorcycle ride.

  • Old Lady

This term is used for motorcycle riders' girlfriends or their wives. If you see a biker referring to a girl with this name, you will need to keep your approach off that woman. 😜

  • One-Percenter

The bikers who look for the designation are known as One Percenters. This designation has an origin from the riot which happened in the year 1947 amidst a rally of the motorcycle riders in California.

 These riots of 1947 gained so much coverage by the media, so that life magazine had to publish a story about these bikerss. These were the outlaw motorcycle riders. The name One Percenters came from the American subculture.

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Slang of the motorcycle riders for their General Attire

Motorcycle riders have their charm and aura and when it comes to their look and clothes. They have made their distinctive flair. For their attire, they have their slang too to address them.

  • Colors

The traditional color of bikers is black. They love to wear black clothes. Under that, many of the motorcycle riders do vests that have multiple patches and are embroidered. The color and the patches of their vest depict their meaning. Few of the patches show that club of the motorcycle riders. Patches also show that they have earned the patches or stripes.

  • Domes and Cuts

Motorcycle riders must don a dome. A dome is a motorcycle rider's slang word for the helmet. Cuts are the slang word for the jacket. It is entirely dependent upon the motorcycle riders' preference to ear cuts or not. A denim jacket or cut is for the canvas for the vest, which has logos and stripes or patches.

  • Road Name

Usually, it is common for motorcycle riders to have a road name. Their vests have their road name writer on them. This road name is given to them by the biker's club that they are members of their subculture.

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Other Bikers Slangs

There are some other general languages and slang words that motorcycle riders use in their daily life.  They can be fun to hear. Different common terminologies that are used for the activities are as follows.

1. Eating Asphalt

It is supposed to be avoided by motorcycle riders, and they make sure to avoid it. Eating asphalt means that you have had an accident, you have hit the ground, and your bike has crashed.

2. Touring Bike

Touring bikes is slang that is used for bikes. The primary purpose of this bike is to provide comfort and support to the motorcycle rider and not the performance or the speed. The weekend warriors lose to riding the touring bikes. That's their favorite.

3. Ape Hangers 

Few bikers love to have handlebars that are enough to upsurge the shoulders of the rider. Such bikes are known as ape hangers.

4. The Tuck postures

It is kind of a posture where the motorcycle rider has his arms tighten and his or her head lower. The main purpose of the wind is to avoid the drag caused due to the wind.

5. Travel in Packs

Motorcycle riders have their stance, flair, and style. They travel in groups and call it traveling in packs as they regard themselves as wolves. They have developed their lingos to communicate with each other. ; Which defines their culture. 

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Final thoughts

If you also want to become a motorcycle rider and are thinking of joining a biker’s club, these terminologies will help you. Try to avoid accidents and such incidents where you are riding and roaring your bike on the road. Travel together and enjoy the open roads but be careful about your safety.

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