What Do Goths Eat

What is the dream dish for a Goth?

What is the dream dish of a goth? How to please a goth friend that will come to your house for dinner? Is Goth food based on veganism? Why is Goth food black?

Today we're going to reveal everything on Skull Action, whether you're a Goth yourself or just curious about it. We're going to enlighten you (just the right amount 🤭) in the Gothic world’s darkness.

Even though a large part of the gothic people are vegetarians, you can say they eat everything. But in recent years, it is black food that has been under projectors, and some of it has been proudly proclaimed "Gothic.”

In this article, we will explore together:

  • What is Gothic food made of 
  • What foods are proclaimed "Gothic"?

What are the blackest and most seductive dishes (yes, food can be hot 😉)

In short, by the end of this article, you'll be a pro of gothic meals, whether you prepare them yourself or let yourself be tempted by a good restaurant that prepares the dark "black-bagels.”

Let's eat ... Well, let's start (ooh, that's a bit hungry ??).

Of course, we begin with a little disclaimer. We can't say that all gothic people are the same. Each individual has his or her tastes and inclinations.

However, we will mention the most common Gothic eating habits, including a few recipes and foods.

According to the statistics, it is proven that Goths eat the same kinds of food as the so-called "normal" people. Obviously, in the category of "Super-goths,” some limit themselves to a strictly gothic diet. On the other hand, alternative cooking is a growing market that derives from the scary cupcakes to the Halloween inspired cuisine; it’s so vast that you can fill cookbooks with it.

Goth Table

Zoom on Black Food

This year we have seen different kinds of black food in some restaurants and even fast food outlets. And of course, this trend has been very successful, especially with gothic people; This said, the fashion for black food is not entirely new, and it is not unique to the West. Japan and Hong Kong are the pioneers of black food, while the Italians have been producing black spaghetti and risottos for some years now.

Despite this, one must admit that this tendency to infuse food artificially and even drinks gives us a small glimpse of a gothic soul’s darkness. So why not bite into the dark side of strength by trying some (or all) of these snacks, sweets, and drinks. Coming from the four corners of the globe, here are the most fascinating of them.

Goth black burger

The Goth Burger

The famous goth burger was first marketed in Japan by Burger King and McDonald's. After that, it was a great success when it was released for Halloween a few years ago.

The little that we can say is that this burger has squid ink, and charcoal was unanimously approved. And if you want to satisfy your hunger for Goth-Food, you can travel to places like Mumbai, Dubai, or Kuwait that offer their versions of this famous burger all year round.

We also offer you a derivative or rather a cousin of the Goth-Burger called the Goth-Bagel. These dark looking black bagels look like demon food. But don't be afraid, the bread is black,, but the chicken, chips, cheese, and vegetables are familiar to you.

Black Goth Burger

Gothic ice

After investigating, it was difficult to determine the exact origin of the charcoal ice cream. Since these black and creamy cones have now become easy to find because of their popularity, ice-cream sellers generally offer black ice exclusively at certain times of the year. But fortunately, the supermarkets are here! Thanks to them, you can get some at any time.

Little advice:  put your dark ice cream on a black waffle, satisfaction, and dark beauty guaranteed!

Goth Ice Cream

The Black Sesame Soup

 While in Europe, it is the big fashion of black ink Italian pasta with the Gothic, blackened sesame seed pudding is all famous in Asia. Indeed it is a trendy Chinese dessert that consists of a base of rice, sugar, water, and ground sesame seeds.

However, there are several variations of this pudding from hell! Finally, it is highly recommended that you brush your teeth after eating it unless you want to take the
total black look all the way.

Black Sesame Soupe

The Black Pizza

Ahhh, the Pizza, what can I say about it? It’s like religion except that everyone has agreed on it, well almost everyone. 🙄

So, of course, the gothic people are no exception to the rule, mostly when they are offered a pizza of their favorite color, you can imagine that it is a great success. You can taste this delicious black pizza with its dough carefully infused with charcoal in the trendiest Italian restaurants.

Black Pizza

Black Pasta

Another wonderful invention of the Italians, Squid ink pasta, has been around for years now. You are also informed that black foods with squid ink (including pasta) are much tastier than those infused with charcoal. Don't hesitate to try them at your next restaurant party!

It is also possible for you to make your meal with black pasta since it is available in supermarkets or online.

The black Pesta

Goth cheese

At the end of a good "chic" meal with friends or during an evening aperitif, presenting a beautiful tray with different cheese varieties is always a good idea!

What about black cheese? It is certainly not an exception to the rule, especially with our gothic friends, who seem to prefer black goat cheese with a "hellish" look. All cheesemakers offer their black cheese selection, so don't hesitate to try it and determine your favorite 😉.

Black goth cheese

Gothic macaroons

A little more "french style chic" we have these delicate bites of meringue infused with black truffles in the category. Real beauties can be an excellent gift idea for a Gothic friend who is a fan of sweets; They are often displayed in Parisian bakeries’ windows. You can taste them as a dessert, as a snack, or a gourmand, at any time of the day.

Black Macarons

The waffle from hell

One of the first Gothic trends, these delicious black candies are making sensation worldwide. The addition of activated charcoal adds a dark touch that is sure to make your plate stand out.

Waffles are a treat you can afford for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner since there are different sweet and savory varieties. We recommend combining your sweet black waffle with a good scoop of ice cream for a more gourmet taste.

Black waffle

The Hot Dog of Darkness

Black hotdogs are a beautiful creation from our Japanese friends, who added a touch of darkness to this world-famous and appreciated snack. Black hot dogs were first popular in Tokyo; then, their popularity spread all over the world. And this little wonder is available even at Japanese IKEA!

Black Hot Dogs

Gothic Cakes

In recent years making cakes has become real visual art. These cakes are trendy at birthday parties, baby showers, etc..)

Some bakers have specialized in Gothic cakes, and these artistic creations vary enormously, and they are known by names such as "Cookies from Human Remains,” “coffin cookie,” "half-open skull,” "ripped guts," and the list goes on and on.

Goth cakes are ordered for various occasions, and some of them have even been awarded prizes by rock magazines!

Goth cakes

Gothic Cocktails

For a successful Gothic aperitif, nothing better than Goths cocktails infused with beet; these cocktails are as beautiful as they are right!

These cocktails are mostly red or black. And the use of healthy foods, such as beet, which is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, adds a nutritional value not to be ignored.

Cocktail creators are incredibly creative and always try to play the originality card to stand out from the crowd. Here's a good idea for a successful gothic cocktail, black rum with a little cocoa cream, black dye to give a gothic look; here you are tasting the demons’ drink.

Goth drink cocktails

How to drink with your Goth Friends?

I hope you enjoyed our trip around the world to discover different gothic dishes. From now on, gothic food will have no more secrets for you. Moreover, you will no longer see a black burger the way you used to see it, and you will be able to prepare your gothic dishes from now on; you will be a specialist in the field. 🧖‍♂️

If you have gothic friends over, or yourself a goth, you need to have a nice collection of glasses and mugs to enjoy the darkest drinks around a black meal. Passionate as we are, we have selected for you an amazing and unique collection, seduce your friends and treat yourself!

What is the dream dish for a Goth?

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