What Does 81 Means to Bikers?

"Hells Angels Motorcycle Club" (HAMC) consists of almost 1% motorcycle club consisting of people who typically cycle Harley-Davidson motorbikes. The club has members worldwide. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation organizes the Hells Angels in the USA and Canada. "H.A.," "Red & White," "HAMC," and "81" are the most famous nicknames of the club.

Biker 81 tattoo

Historical Background

The Hells Angels were established in Fontana, California, on 17 March 1948, when a collection of local motorcycle groups formed a united front. The organization is said to have been founded by Otto Friedli.

Insignia's Overview

According to the official website of Hells Angels, Frank Sadilek was responsible for developing the official 'death's head' symbol. The emblem has been utilized to produce the early-style jacket colors and shape (before to 1953). The flagship of the 552nd Medium Bomber Squadron was used to design the colors and form of the early jacket symbol. 🤘🏼

  • The Hells Angels operate on a patch system similar to military awards. While the general public does not know the precise meaning of each patch, the patches are used to identify each mountain biker
  • The group's official nickname, 'The Red and White,' represents its official colors too.

Many patches use the red and white colors to symbolize the number 81, such as the ones that say "Support 81, Route 81." The numerals 8 and 1 show the letters H and A. 

skull motor patch

Membership Process

A valid driver's license with a motorbike greater than 750cc displacement and a unique combination of personal traits. According to sources, the organization does not accept members who are child abusers or are trying to become police or prison officials.🚔

Code of the Group

If one Hells Angels member gets stopped by law enforcement agencies, the entire gang traveling behind him will often pull over. In the group, you're never going to see a woman. And without their "colors," Hells Angels will never go out together. It is part of its secret and security to some extent. 

  • Part of that security means that grade and file members cannot talk to the media and never discuss their codes or other members with the public. 
  • As a member of one of the nation's most exclusive clubs, it may take years and sometimes only by being known to other members.

 Still, you start as a "slope" where you are invited to meet or meet members. If you recognize yourself, you go to a partner and subsequently to a prospect that consists primarily of gofer work.🛠

81 biker riders


As HAMC use their motorcycle clubs for illicit activities such as armed robbery, narcotics and arms trafficking, they represent a significant danger. As a result, in Utrecht’s Netherlands city, a court has decided that Hells Angels must be prohibited and all of its Netherlands chapters must be dissolved. The authorities are pursuing a crackdown on what is known as illegal motorcycle gangs so that public safety and security are not compromised. ⚔️

So, these are some points that show what 81 means to bikers. You will have learned something from the above guide for sure.

Now are you ready to join the brotherhood? For this you need to put on a leather jacket that will protect you from the cold and dust. Clam your badass style.

skull jacket badass

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