What Does Skull Represent In Dreams

What Does Skull Represent In Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of skulls? Have you dug into the wet earth and come across a human skull in your dreams? Or maybe you're in the office right now and you're still thinking about the skull dream you had last night.

The dreamer’s general interpretation sees the skull symbol as a reminder be honest in the waking life and looking at things soberly. He should not allow himself to be governed by too much sentimentality. Moreover, this dream image can cause problems in the waking world. One should be prepared for a competitor to retaliate or for events to go wrong. The skull symbolizes both death and rebirth. Therefore, seeing skulls in dreams always has a more or less unique meaning depending on the image projected in sleep.

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Here are the main points that will be discussed on this blog:

  • The most typical skull interpretations and dreams
  • The most frequently asked questions about skulls’ dreams.
  • The different psychological interpretations of skull dreams
  • A world tour exploring the senses of the dreams of skulls from several cultures.

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Meaning of the most common skull dreams

Whoever sees a skull lying on the ground in a dream will happily and complete a particular project in the real world. If the sleeper finds a skull while digging in a plan, he can hope for financial gain or an inheritance. Smiling crowns as a symbol of dreaming symbolize bad business and family conflicts 💰

For the general interpretation of the dream image "skull,” it is also interesting to know whose head was seen in the dream. If you see a friend’s severed hend in a dream, this friend will fall back by envy in waking life. The sight of one's own skull as a dream symbol indicates remorse that haunts the person concerned.


The skull of an animal in a dream can bring changes for the waking life. It is also essential to consider the type of animal it is and the corresponding dream context. A woman's skull in a dream may indicate the ability to express emotions in real life; however, a man's head may symbolize energy or power. 💪🏻

If the skull is seen in the dream as a skull with crossed bones underneath, then according to the general analysis of plans, it is a warning of imminent danger. Since the cranium can also represent the head in a dream, the dreamer’s intellectability can also be addressed by such a dream. 


The most asked questions about skulls dreams

what does seeing a skull in a dream mean

Seeing a skulls in a dream-vision is an ominous sign of imminent danger. Your current situation may deteriorate. You need to be careful and more aware of your actions and their implications.☠️

what does a colorful skull mean in a dream

Seeing a colorful skull in your dream is a good omen; it heralds happiness, life balance and prosperity. Don't ignore the opportunities that may be offered to you as a result of such a dream. 🌈


what does a white skull mean in a dream

Seeing a white skull in a dream is a good omen; it announces peace and ease. You are safe from any danger. Enjoy your situation because it is peaceful and may not last.

what does a black skull mean in a dream

Seeing a black skull and crossbones is a bad omen, it announces that you are going to be the victim of a conspiracy or shenanigans that will destroy everything you have built throughout your life. Beware of good talkers and people you trust blindly.


What does a skull on your house dream mean?

Seeing a skull on the wall of your home is a bad omen, it heralds family disputes that will harm your relationship with your loved ones. Your credibility is called into question.💀

What about seeing a skull in your office?

Seeing a skull on your workplace wall is a good omen; it indicates that you will eventually defeat all your opponents and all those who want to harm you. Your determination and dedication are your ones and only assets.

What does a skull tattoo dream mean?

Dreaming of having a skull tattoo indicates that you need to break away from routine and indulge in fun activities to embellish your life and breathe fresh air and happiness.


Dreaming of Skull - the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol "skull" may indicate that the sleeper has become aware of their life’s structure. If you see another person's skull in the dream instead of their head (face etc.), you are shown that part of that person has died.

Talking with a skull in the dream can be explained an expression of the dreamer's wish to speak with someone they have lost. If, on the contrary, the skull speaks to the sleeping dreamer, a character trait appears in the waking world that has so far been rejected or denied. It would be advisable to take a closer look at this part of the personality and adopt it into your life.

Meaning of skull dreams around the world

Oriental Culture

  • If someone dreams that he is eating a sheep skull, he will live magnificently and joyfully. If it is a human head, it will deceive it and play evil with it, probably also to take its place.
  • If the dreamer sees that he is brought heads of rams, goats, deer, or other horned animals, he will assume a high office and take as many ruling leaders into custody as were brought to him in a dream. 
  • If a common or ordinary man dreams, buys or finds a skull, he will earn money.
  • Dreaming about a skull without a specific context may mean that it is a moment of luck that is about to come. Then there will be no lack of success in business.

European Culture

  • Dreaming from the head can mean that an enemy will retaliate and provoke someone's anger, your best weapons will be honesty and sober consideration,
  • Finding a skull by digging: refers to an inheritance or other gift,
  • See smiling skulls: mean domestic conflicts, usually it also means that taking matters into your own hands ends in losses,
  • See the skull of a friend: a friend will do injustice.
  • If you see your skull: you are persecuted by remorse. Take time to meditate and accept your past.

American Indian Culture

  • If someone eats a cooked sheep skull, he will reap significant profits from a man of high class. Still, it will cost him labor and work, the sheep skull is fried, he will fight his enemy to get his things back and conquer him, he will however have no joy without mixing in his stuff because the skull has been roasted over the fire.
  • If a skull is eaten raw, it will become extremely rich at the price and cries of sin.


From a general point of view 

If, in a dream, there is a skull with crossed bones underneath, it could be a romantic image for a pirate (following the visualization of a pirate logo) or a symbol of danger. Since the skull represents the head, it can also symbolize intellectual abilities or lack thereof.

From a psychological point of view

If the dreamer feels his own skull in his vision, he is awarehow way he has structured his life. If the dreamer sees a skull where a head should be, it indicates that part of the person is "dead.” If the dreamer talks to a skull, he or she expresses the need to talk to the people he or she has lost. If a skull talks to the dreamer, a part of the dreamer's personality, which it has rejected or denied, will come back to life.

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