What does the skull emoji mean?

Currently, it is pretty common to replace words and emotions with emojis to express what you exactly want to convey to the next person. WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other social media platforms have created their own catalysts of emojis that are available to use for free for everyone.

Emojis can help you to make your words and phrases’ real meaning clear. Be it a dream, laugh, anger, sadness, excitement, disappointment, happiness, or anything else, some emojis come up with pretty clear meanings.

However, at the same time there exist some emojis whose interpretation is usually subject to various cultural contexts based on the environment of persons who are using those emojis. Arguably, the skull emoji is also something that stands out in this regard, this time.

While various users are using emojis such as skulls. However, in different situations, this emoji can give you different meanings to understand. Therefore, here we are going to explain different meanings associated with a skull emoji. So, you can better know on which occasions you should apply these.

Why skulls are everywhere and so common?

Most of the people around who love to look unique and different think that skulls are cool. It is difficult to give a straightforward answer regarding what attracts them to skulls, be it a skull emoji, skull jewelry, or anything else. Even more, some people also love skull emojis and use them as wallpapers, on their screens, or even get them printed on their clothing items as well.

Most importantly, various brands have built around the passion for skulls. This is because they know that there are a lot of people who are fond of skull images, skull paintings, skull jewelry, and even skull emojis.

Knowing this will certainly let you think why skulls are everywhere? Or why do people love skulls that much?
gothic biker skull ring

Most amazingly, skulls have been popular throughout history. Once skulls were linked to outlaw bikers, pirates, and Nazi symbolism, only. However, at present, you can find skulls virtually everywhere from jewelry, to clothes, from shower curtains to emojis.

However, skulls are loved because they are multipurpose symbols. Do you want to honor someone dead? Use a skull symbol. Do you want to warn someone against danger? Use a skull symbol. Do you want to tell that the substance is dangerous? Use a skull symbol.

Do you want to represent rebellious behavior? Use a skull symbol. Skull symbols are used to advise people to stay safe in dangerous conditions of any type. However, over the centuries the serious symbol of the skull transitioned from mortality and danger to pop icon image.

Even more, the roots of the skull symbol have transcended in tribal tradition to turn it into the biker movement’s symbol. While today it has also become a favorable fashion accessory to people who want to emit a dangerous yet sophisticated vibe. Each skull symbol is commonly simple enough to tie a look together discreetly. However, it also has a personality that can make someone center of attention with ease.

That’s the actual beauty of the skull symbol. This can let you convey a sense of badass danger with moody sophistication in any way.

Traditionally, these were used to wear by pirates and bikers only. However, over the years, these have become pretty popular among common people as well. Even the skull symbol has emerged as a hot and new fashion symbol as well.

Even more, skull symbols come up with different meanings for different people as per the context of a situation or the culture someone belongs to. Commonly, skulls can symbolize spirituality, danger, afterlife, sing of luck, and more.

Whether the skull symbol has a personal meaning to you, or you are just fascinated by this symbol, you must know the fact that the skull symbol is also being popular even as emojis. Just like the real world, skull emoji also has different meanings for different people. Even more, the appearance of skull emoji is also different on different devices or operating systems. Therefore, when it is about to know more about skull emojis and what does it symbolize, here you can get all the details in this regard.

What’s the common appearance of a skull emoji?

The skull emoji comes up as a whitish gray-colored emojis composed of a skull shape. It shows the human skull with a triangle nose, two black (large) eye sockets, and then some teeth as well. However, on other platforms such as Apple and Facebook, skull emoji also has a jaw.

Even more, the emoji can have different tones based on the context of the conversation taking place.

What is the meaning of skull emojis?

Whenever it comes to use a skull emoji, people come up with different thoughts in their minds. Do some want to know if the skull emoji meaning death? Or the skull emoji is representing something spooky? Is skull emoji used to represent something bad? Or you can use it to express “I am dead”, simply?

Well, there are various such questions associated with skull emoji. Even more, some people also want to know what does skull emoji means on Snapchat? Does the skull emoji represent something different on Facebook?

In short, when it comes to understanding the meaning of skull emojis, there are a lot of questions you may need to answer in this regard.

However, here we will ensure to understand the meaning of a skull emoji in the best possible way.

So, here we go:

Commonly, skull emoji is used to express figurative death. For example, it can be used to represent dying from extreme frustration, dying from extreme laughter, or even dying from affection, etc. More specifically, skull emoji is used after a night out to describe your hangover’s severity.

For example, if you have heard a joke that’s too funny, then you can say I’m dying from laughter with emoji 💀. Even more, if someone is in pain, he or she can say I am feeling like death 💀, particularly, even though not exclusively because of a hangover. 

Even more, a skull emoji can also be used in the sense of “kill me” in some context. It may be because if someone has performed an embarrassing action. 

Also, one skull describes that you need a mimosa and a brunch actually. However, five skulls mean that you are planning to be bedridden for the whole following day as well as any mention of movement or food is nauseating. 

Skull emojis are also famous around Halloween. It is because Halloween is the season to use some scary symbols such as skulls, spirits, and others.

However, make sure not to confuse a simple skull emoji with the emoji having a skull with crossbones like this . Even though the applications of both emojis may overlap. Still, there is a difference between the meaning of and 💀.

However, there are other meanings of skull emojis as well. These include:

  1. I am dead
  2. Frustration
  3. Skeleton
  4. Human skull
  5. Extremely dangerous
  6. Poisonous
  7. Sarcasm
  8. Anger
  9. Died laughing

However, one of the most common uses of skull emoji is when the sender wants to tell that he or she is dying from extreme laughter. While, other comparatively fewer common uses of skull emojis are to express anger, sarcasm, or frustration. Even more, in some cases, skull emoji can also be used to present some creepy things or even death as well.

Most importantly, people also use skull emoji more commonly during the period of Halloween. It is because this can refer to the scary objects and skeletons as well as other similar scary things that are common during the Halloween season.

In short, skull emoji can be used to represent something bad, spooky, or death. It can also be used to describe “I am dead”.

What does skull emoji mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most commonly used social media platforms. People usually love Snapchat to enjoy unique filters and take some ridiculous pictures like super zooming in on faces and more. Have you ever used emojis on Snapchat?

Frankly, Snapchat provides a host of different types of emojis for its users to express their emotions, feelings, or describe their phrases more accurately. However, when it comes to using an emoji of the skull on Snapchat, then you must know what you can describe using a skull emoji on Snapchat.

Just like usual, the skull emoji on Snapchat is also used to present figurative death. Even though the common use of the skull is a representation of death and mortality. However, in the case of emojis on Snapchat, this emoji is used to describe death idiomatically.

What does skull emoji with crossbones represent?

The human skull emoji with crossbones just like ️ is also the emoji used to symbolized death. However, it is more often used to describe a poisonous element or even to give a warning of danger. So, you can also use skull emoji with crossbones to describe a dangerous situation.

Generally, a skull with crossbones means that “this element is poisonous.” The emoji of the skull with crossbones appeared in the year 1993. Also, this emoji is called the skeleton emoji. At times, it is also referred to as the emoji of death.

What is the history of skull emojis?

The skull emoji was used in Unicode 6.0 for the first time in October 2010. This was followed by the new edition of skull emoji as an addition to the Emoji 1.0 in August 2015. However, when it is about different operating systems then skull emoji appeared on Android 4.3, iOS 5.0, as well as EmojiOne 1.0 for the very first time.

Over time, the skull emoji has now been supported by almost all devices. Most importantly, the skull emoji usually looks different on different types of devices. You can use skull emoji on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, as well as various other operating systems and platforms.

If a device doesn’t support skull emoji, you will see X or a blank box instead of the emoji.

Here we have enlisted some emojis how these appear differently on different devices:

 skull emoji

 The code of the skull emoji is:

  1. U+1F480 (Unicode)
  2. &#x1F480 (Hexadecimal)
  3. &#128128 (Decimal)

Currently, the emoji of the skull is also listed in the category of Smileys & Emotion.

What is the frequency of using skull emoji on social media platforms?

Well, just like various other popular emojis, people also love to use skull emoji on social media platforms to express various feelings. This is an amazing emoji to represent different states, be it anger, dead, extreme laughter, sarcasm, danger, frustration, and more. Therefore, skull emoji is pretty popular to be used especially by social media users.

However, according to the frequency of using skull emoji on social media platforms, the emoji is ranked 56th popular emoji on social media channels, currently.

Final Thoughts

The use of emojis has become a norm while communicating with someone, especially when it comes to describing the context of your conversation more clearly. There are various emojis that you can use to describe different emotions, words, or phrases. Skull emoji is one of such emojis that is commonly used to describe various situations. It is because skull emoji is a versatile emoji that can present different meanings in different situations based on the context of your conversation.

Skull emoji usually looks like a human skull top portion along with the lower jaw which is visible or connected. Commonly, it comes up in a light blue to gray color tone. Even though skull and skull with crossbones emojis are two different emojis. However, more commonly people use them interchangeably.

However, when it is about the meaning of skull then at the most basic level skull represents death commonly idiomatically instead of literally. So, overall, you can use skull emoji as per the context of your conversation to deliver your message more accurately. Combine this badass emoji with your phrases and words to describe your situations clearly with ease.

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