what happened to skull island

What happened to skull island

If you are a fan of Godzilla vs Kong, then you may have a lot of questions appearing in your mind. Well, one of the most curious ones would be the fate of the skull island. So, if you are also looking to know what happened to the skull island here, we will be discussing everything you need to know.

However, if you have not watched Godzilla vs Kong then we want to alert you that you may come across some spoilers while reading. So, now it is up to you whether you want to know everything about the skull island or you are looking to stay away from the spoilers that may ruin your experience of watching the movie.

What is the skull island?
Skull Island

It is the island that is used in the 1933 King Kong movie, but the name and location of the island were never revealed. However, on a closer look at the island, it resembles the shape of a human's skull because of the rocky knoll in the center of the island.

This part of the island is also known as the skull mountain of the skull island, and it is located approximately 12 degrees south and 78 degrees east on the earth.

The story of the skull island.

story of skull island

As Skull island has been a part of the series it has been shown several times through different iterations of the series. Although different parts of the series have different stories, they are all interlinked with the skull island, and it is used very intelligently to reveal different parts of the story through the years.

In 2014’s Godzilla the island tells a lot about the place and history of this monstrous creature.

Moreover, it talks about the existence of behemoths which are also known as the titans here. This part of the series also tells how the monsters grew up and some information about how they moved around the world through the years.

The hollow earth theory

kong vs crawler

Through the series, Kong was revealed with several other species like the Skullcrawlers. All of these species were related to the Hollow Earth theory. This theory stated that there was a world within the center of the planet, and it is the part that is lost to time which nobody knows about.

  • It was a very intelligent way to make the fans interested in the coming Godzilla vs Kong movie. 
  • The reason is that fans would be wondering about the world told by the hollow Earth theory and the relation of Skull Island with it as the species like Godzilla, Kong, and all other newer species told in the movies are deeply related to this island.

Before the launch of the movie, different people had different mindsets with some saying that the monsters would fight on the island while some thought that this island would be destroyed which is the home of Kong. People also predicted about the movie that the destruction of Kong’s home would leave him for revenge from the outer world.

However, the progress of the story leaves the titans without any impact, what happens with Skull Island is somewhat depressing for the audience.

King of the Monsters

king of monsters

As the story of Godzilla versus Kong starts Doctor Nathan Lind who is a former Monarch scientist speaks to the Apex Cybernetics that an extension of the theoretical Hollow world is the Skull Island. He explains how it is the part of the hollow earth that is extended up to the surface earth. Well, this explanation is related to the past of this series in several ways.

It connects Dr. Houston Brooks’ theory from the skull island.

The disclosure of the underwater tunnels of Godzilla from the “King of the Monsters”

Godzilla underwater

However, according to the story, the skull island is not stable at all after the “King of the Monsters”. The skull island became unstable after the titans went to the island after the Godzilla became the alpha. It was after the event when Godzilla killed Ghidorah.

The beauty of this story is that it is never fully explained in one part as there are several hints available one after the other. However, one thing that is surely mentioned is that the titans died out and the only one that did not die was Kong.

The Outpost 236

As the story progresses a dome around the skull island is built by the Monarch that is known as the “Outpost 236”. It is made to create a suitable habitat for Kong as it blocks all of the outside elements from this skull island. It means that the constant thunderstorm that was causing the stabilization of the skull island is now blocked outside.

Now that the outer elements are blocked, Monarch can study Kong for about 10 years. During this time the Monarch was never attacked by any other species which makes him suggest that an extension took place. There was uncertainty in this as nothing was confirmed. However, Kong was always able to visit the Hollow earth via one of the tunnels on Skull Island.

These events only tell that what Kong is doing right now is the same thing that was done by the M.U.T.O.s and the Skullcrawlers in the past. However, at this point, the story of Godzilla and Kong comes to an end and there is no clear information about anything that happened to the skull island. So, it is not clear whether the skull island is destabilized or is still stable.

Final Verdict

According to the movie the skull island goes through some major changes throughout time and the humans build a habitat for Kong to live peacefully. What most viewers did not notice is that the island is changing and so is Kong. The Kong is shown to be growing as its appearance is changing.

It means that Godzilla vs Kong is not the final event in this series and there is a lot more yet to come. The producer also talked about the aging of Kong which is only because of the time.

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