Why are people obsessed with skulls

Why are people obsessed with skulls?

Are you used to seeing people obsessed with skulls? Can't you understand why? Or maybe you are fascinated by it, but you can't explain it? Do you want to make sure you know this fascination that people have for skulls? 

People who are obsessed with skulls are often called cranomaniac or skull-obsessed. The human head instinctively reminds us that we will die one day or another; it is a truth we all know. Some find beauty in death that others only see in life; they find themselves fascinated by skulls. Others like the symbolism of danger and hostility, which human skulls can convey in a very natural way. 

We are passionate and fascinated by skulls, and we know how to help you understand. We’ll see together :

- The spiritual meaning of skull-and-crossbones.

- Who are the people that are most cranomaniac.

- How you can be one of them.

When you have finished reading the article, you will understand why certain people are fascinated by skull and bones.

Spiritual meaning of the skull

In this part, we will discover together what the skull implies in terms of beliefs and spirituality. You will see the power of this symbolism.

skull symbolism

Skull in Christianity

The skull is a symbol not very widespread in the Bible, it is quoted, but not directly, it does not have a specific meaning but can be profound. Biblical verses are still subject to different human interpretations, making it difficult to obtain a single definition.

The most significant biblical reference for the skull bone is the Golgotha site of the Mount of Calvary; it is the place where Jesus was crucified. It is also called the area of the head.

Golgotha is an antiquity place located outside of Jerusalem; the Romans used this place to crucify prisoners. You should note that the word Golgotha in Hebrew means the cranial shape of the human skull.

Death is thus the most resonant symbol given to the skull by the Bible. You can read many verses related to this here.

Christian cross

Skull in voodoo

Voodoo is an ancient African religion; it migrated to the north and the United States during the centuries of slavery. The principle of voodoo is to consider the human as a spirit and physical body.

Voodoo is known for dance rituals; the goal is to invoke spirits that give happiness and heal sick bodies. Indeed, illness represents an evil spirit that must purify through dance.

Shamans use human skeletons and skulls during these ceremonies as tools of magic. The black skull can be a symbol of death and a white skull for resurrection, depending on the ritual’s purpose.

In this practice, they also use skull-shaped candles; the color and shape depend on the spirit that one wishes to invoke.

Voodoo skull

Seeing skull in dreams

Dreaming of skulls is a bad omen for souls; it is often a harbinger of bad luck or unpleasant surprises. Let's discover together with other deeper meanings.

Sentimental life: Seeing human skulls in the dream can announce a break-up in love, it can also be a disappointment. You may have too much confidence in your partner, and your disappointment will be huge.

Career: The skull symbolizes a failure in business, either you're going to lose the money, or you're not going to get a promotion or maybe the contract you're going to sign will fail.

Finances: You have to be careful with your money, you may manage it badly, and it will cause unwanted surprises, you have to think about avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Dream about skulls

Who are the people obsessed with skulls?

As you may have guessed, not everyone is obsessed with skulls, some styles and trends are more affected by this phenomenon and give more importance to this symbol. Let's discover together the most famous ones.

Skull obessed

Why are bikers obsessed with skulls?

Bikers are well known to have appropriated the skull and crossbones symbol, whether in tattoos, clothing designs, logos on their motorcycles, or rings on their fingers. First of all, the meaning of this symbol is the celebration of life. Indeed, it makes us think of death getting closer and closer, and it makes us celebrate every moment we are alive.

In the Mexican culture, people celebrate the memory of their ancestors during a feast called "Dia de Los Muertos" or day of the dead skull. They prepare sugar skulls and candy for the celebration, and it’s a real Mexican art. The bikers aren't the only ones who make this connection.

Secondly, there is a very badass side to all bikers. The skull head affirms this personality trait by representing danger, courage, and rebellion. It is a persuasive message that helps rivals and other people to understand that bikers can be dangerous if sought after.

Finally, the sense of brotherhood; Indeed, some bikers have particular symbols, including skulls. Usually, they put them on rings so they can look at them often during the day and remember the bond that binds brothers of the same band.

Sons of anarchy skull

Why are Satanists obsessed with skulls?

Satanists are frowned upon and misunderstood by society; they are often confused with goths and metalheads because of their dark outfit. Although there is not much information about these people, you can be sure that they are passionate about humans and animal skulls.

Satanists love to put skulls in jewelry, clothes, or even on the skin with impressive tattoos. Some use them as decorative objects or as drawings on wall painting. Others use them for esoteric practices and secret rituals.

satanic skull

Why are goths obsessed with skulls?

Life and death are the fundamental base of the gothic culture. It is not surprising that one of the most important symbols of this movement is the skull; it is the best way to demonstrate its belonging to the Gothic culture.

These dressed in black people like dark things, but they are happy that way, they don’t necessarily need sun and rainbow colors in their life. Mystery, intrigue, and darkness represent an essential trio for any gothic.

One of the greatest mysteries of life is death. The human skull incites the thought "Momento Mori", remember that you will die, it pushes the gothic and other supporters of this symbolism to enjoy life as long as they breathe.

gothic obsessed by skull

Obsessed with skull designs

Some people are so captivated by skulls that they make sure they have them everywhere in their lives. Whether it's surrounding themselves with decorative objects, clothing style, or tattoos, we will discover together how people express their obsessions.

home decorative skulls

Decoration and skull

What is your favorite place on earth? The answer seems obvious, your home! It's not surprising that enthusiasts attach a lot of importance to the decoration of their living space. From the living room to the bedroom, the decoration must be a skull art.

It is possible to hang large skull wall paintings in the living room; carpets can also be designed with motifs according to taste in terms of color and patterns.

You can decorate with skull mugs in the kitchen, and it’s perfect as an idea because it allows you to decorate with a useful object. Can you imagine your guests using your decoration for a drink? So much fun!

It is preferable to hang smaller paintings in the bedroom or on the desk and put resin skulls shaped objects or figurines on the tables and small furniture. At Skull Action, we almost all have the same decoration at home because we are such fans.

Skull clothing

The skull and crossbones symbol in clothing is prevalent. in the past, it was reserved for a minority of people, generally rebels like you (or not :D), metalheads, goths, punks. 

With time this symbol took on different colors and was taken up by several clothing designers. However, the precursors of this symbol remain the most legitimate. They are passionate about skulls and proudly display it in their tops, pants, caps, shoes, jackets, dresses, or even jewelry.

It is essential to have a clothing style that expresses your personality and passion; it increases self-confidence and makes you feel better in your clothes.

girl with skull hand t shirt

Skull tattoos

People usually tattoo themselves for two reasons: First, they have the desire to engrave in their skin a symbol with profound meaning; it can be roses, an evil skull, cheerful, flowery, or other. The person who decides to get carved this way is the one who knows better the meaning.

A second reason is an aesthetic aspect. Indeed, having a skull tattoo on the body is impressive; men often prefer to tattoo their arms, backs, or torso. Women opt for thighs, calves, and back.

Whatever the reason, you can try a skull tattoo to see how it looks on you before deciding to get a real tattoo. We have the perfect solution for you.

skull woman's tattoo

 Where can I buy skull decoration?

Here we are at the end of this article, and we hope that you are more informed and passionate about skulls. Remember that this article’s central message is that no matter what people say, you need to live by your personality and express your passion to the fullest because you are the masters of your life.

To allow you to express your passion, we have selected the best products to decorate your home and your style of clothing. Discover below a universe conceived for you only.

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Jesus said, “I am come that they may have life and that more abundantly.” John 10:10B
Skills represent death and there is a “spirit of death” that can be attached to them.
Why not focus on the light and life of Jesus and stop your focus on death. It was His death that gave us life, if we accept His sacrifice. Because He died and lives again, I can now turn my focus AWAY from death, and anything that represents death and begin to LIVE for Him.


I am not a biker, babe or a dark gothic person. I am a forty eight year old black woman. I’m a no technician by Is trade. I absolutely love skulls and the shape of them and how they look. I have been looking for reason as to why forever ! It is just simply fascinating to me that we all have this underneath our skin, Behind our face and underneath our hair. We all have this amazing work of art! I think it helps me to know that we are all the same underneath all of the glitz and glamour We all have this amazing sculpture we call a skull.
Thank you for the article.❤️🙏🏽💀

Chanel Brewer

It’s so weird to know that I’m not just a little weirdo who collects skulls and that there’s more people just like me who collect them and get them tattooed and everything, I gave a good 25-30 skulls all around my home and multiply skull tattoos, some people think it’s dark and that I’m obsessed with death but in actual fact. It’s A celebration of life and I appreciate every day I wake up on this earth whether I’m sad happy or whatever I’m feeling.


Hi..I have a few skulls now..about 4 or 5 t-shirts and about 5 or 6 other various things..here lately when I see one I’m drawn and now I suppose I have a mini collection..I thought it strange and don’t usually wear the shirts out I guess because I feel it may send a strange dark message about me that I don’t even understand
I was looking for meaning in them outside in others thoughts and trying to apply them to me..I suppose something will be revealed once I become silent and allow the message to come thru..I would apprecia-luv though any comment on spiritual aspects of the skull..


I enjoyed your article thank you I’m not sure why I like the skull so much I eclectically collect at times things from which I find enjoyment and it is almost as such if it isn’t so if I see a skull on it or it is a skull I have to obtain it well not have to but if I can and have the means and I want it I will most likely obtain it myself I think it symbolizes my mortality I often write songs or poems limerick’s (not famously or professionally for my own amusement) what have you more than not it is about death so I have to change the words around to make them not about death I can’t have every song be about death I can but I think it would get monotonous not always easy feat but it is fine with me that to know even my most celebration about life song is derived from a song about being dead


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