Why Do Heavy Metal Bands Have Long Hairs?

When it came to metal music enthusiasts in the 1980s, long curly hair was necessary for Thrash Metal and pop-metal listeners. I spend a lot of time with curling iron and hairspray every morning before school. Why? The metal look trickled down from the haircuts of the bands had the most effect on this trend, same as skull ring with keith richards. What motivated the acts of the bands? Part of it was driven by rebellion. 

Longer hair was regarded as more freeing than short hair and less restricted. 

Significance of Long Hairs for Metal Bands:

Below are some of the points which will give you a good insight.

It's Classic and Intellectual

    In the 19th century, long hair was the usual fashion for intellectuals. Most of the governing classes and intellectuals of the time had long hair. And because this is the population that listens to classical music and attends classical concerts, classical music is known as "long hair music." Like academics, the musicians believed that they wanted to fit into the group.


     As a consequence, many of them started to grow their hair to have long hair. Those who could not grow their hair started using long hair wigs as a replacement.

    Defying Social Norms

      Classic rock and metal bands were always regarded as outsiders back in the day. They brought this image via their words, the loudness of their music, and, most importantly, their appearance. It was a fantastic branding technology employed by these groups to distinguish themselves from the crowd by breaking social norms. 



      • Band members chose to grow their hair as part of their social convention challenge strategy.
      • In a society when all the men had short hair, having long hair as a musician was a way to stand out and fight up against day standards.

      In the 1960s, bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and artists like Led Zeppelin were among the pioneers of this development. And nearly every band of that time followed this trend to the extent that the musicians at the time were almost seen as the standard for wearing long hair.


      Head Banging

        Since the 1970s, a heavy metal band known as Motorhead has made the band renowned by pounding its tools. Many punks, rock, and metal bands now use it, and it has become more popular.

        Making of a Musician?

        Joe Satriani

          Long hair has nothing to do with your skill as a musician. Your becoming a great musician has nothing to do with your hairstyle. For example, Joe Satriani has captured many fans' hearts with his style and music. However, he has no hair. Other successful artists and instrument performers, such as saxophones and percussionists, have short hair or are completely bald. I must recognize that long hair instantly gives you a star look which in some circumstances may be beneficial. But your musical talent is the most important aspect.

          Final Remarks:

          Long hair is popular among classical rock and heavy metal musicians and bands, as well as most sub-genders in rock. To be easily recognized as a Rockstar or a metalhead, you need to have long hair.

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