Why do people decorate with skulls

Why do people decorate with skulls?

Skulls more commonly represent death and can be used as a sharp reminder of our mortality. However, these are much more than just that, especially in the creative realm and decor. In the creative realm, these depict transformation and change. While at the same time, some cultures linked these with strength as well as even prediction.

Without any doubt, skulls come up with various representations when it comes to use them as decoration. 

Overall, skull decorations have been used for different symbols and purposes throughout history. Let's get to know about some of the most important reasons why people started decoration with skulls in the early times below to know more about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

The history of skulls in decoration

Throughout history, skulls have been represented multipurpose symbolism. Whether you want to honor death or promote eternal wisdom, use a skull. The story of how the skulls went from the weighty icons to the pop image decorating bookshelves, walls, jewelry, lamps, and T-shirts is pretty obscure.

As per Michelle Bonogofsky, there is a drought of research on skull decoration history. As early as 7,200 BC, people started displaying skulls on floors, benches, and shelves in the Middle East. 

human skull home decor

However, the problem here is that the archeological records antedate any writing system. Due to which we aren't sure that if those people were using these skulls to decorate or for any other purpose.

  • Besides this, skull icons are also having a long as well as storied history in Latin America. Well, in Mesoamerica, skulls were considered as an individuality locus.
  • However, the Aztecs in the region in 1,200 A.D. used to build skull racks. These racks were used to display the warriors' heads defeated in the semi-spiritual and violent ball game known as Pitz or ulama.
  • While by about 300 A.D., the imagery of the skull became synonymous with the Day of Dead Ceremony of Mexico. Here, skull decoration plays a vital role and invokes themes of life's death and the transience.
  • However, in the mid-1300s, the skulls crept into the decorative art of Europe. It crept into when the bubonic plague killed almost a quarter of the population. Here it was symbolizing both celebration and mortality.

Here if the skull was embellished in a coffee cup, that meant, "Life is short, Live it up."

Modern-day use of skulls in decoration

The practice of using skulls and bones to decorate the churches of Europe started in the early-15th century. It is said that these might be the French who started this trend.

Human skull art decor

However, the famous examples of skull-adorned churches include The Chapel of Skulls in Poland, built in 1776, and Evora's Chapel of Bones. Both of these churches are boasting creepy ceilings lined with skulls.

Pop-influenced artists have helped take the skulls from a serious artistic symbol to the decorative images of urban outfitters. 

AndyWarhol produced, in 1976 produced "Skulls," which was a series of human skulls with 10 pictures in different colors. However, over time, skulls increased for decorative purposes because many of the artists started integrating skulls into their designs.

human skull flower decor

However, when it comes to an understanding of why people decorate with skulls, then the things will boil down to their beliefs regarding the skull symbolism. It is because, as humans, we assign meanings to objects readily. It is to make the world's understanding much smoother.

However, skulls might have clear connotations of death. Still, these decorations have hundreds of other meanings all around the art world. In some places, people believe these represent change and transformation. At the same time, others determine these as strength, protection, wealth, and power. 

All of these combined make skulls a daring and bold trend as a decorative element.

Skulls and home Decoration : A daring and bold trend

When it comes to your most favorite place on the earth, then it's a home for everyone. And at present, it isn't surprising anymore that tons of people are using skulls to decorate their homes. The skull enthusiasts are attaching a lot of importance to their living space's decoration with skulls.

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skull wall clock

From bedrooms to living rooms, people are using skull art decoration. 

Amon all other elements that can create a unique focal point and decorate a space in your home, skulls are probably the most popular, daring, and intriguing element. Even though using a skull to decorate your space is something that everyone might not agree upon.

  • For some people, it might seem like something creepy. 
  • However, at the same time, some people feel that the use of skull as an aesthetic element can make a beautiful decoration.
  • Skulls have been used widely as a symbol of victory, danger, mortality, strength, humiliation for enemies, and much more but as a practical element. 

However, over time, these have become nothing but just decorations in homes, jewelry, and clothing. On the other hand, we find another meaning to the skull decoration in the Mexican culture with the day of the dead.

mexican skull decor

Still, for some people, the symbolism behind the use of skulls as a decorative element remains very rich. Even though these have become popular with some styles than others. However, skulls are always very powerful and strong elements and can be used to decorate widely.

So, overall, there are multiple beliefs and reasons for using skulls as a decorative element.

Important Note:

Skulls are incredibly strong accent pieces. Therefore, whenever you are going to use these to decorate, make sure to use them where it doesn't clash with your existing décor.

Final Thoughts

Overall, with so many references, diverse history, and symbolic uses behind it, skulls in decor and art show no signs of fading anytime soon. It is because people have so many reasons to sport it. People all around the world like decorating with skulls because they can relate to these. Even more, the availability of skulls has also been skyrocketed.

It is because skulls are no longer a morbid or grim motif. However, why do people decorate with skulls entirely boils down to how they want to portray it.

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