Why does Johnny Depp wear skull rings?

Johnny Depp is a fantastic producer, musician, and unique actor of modernity. He is a well-known celeb for his style statement as well. It is mainly because he is special and particular with all his fashion sense. Therefore, he makes sure that his style statement and accessories go perfectly with the concept of the shows he is going to perform.

However, whenever we are talking about the style statement and accessories of Johnny Depp, there is one thing that you will always see with him, and that's, without any doubt, his skull rings.

We believe that his unique collection of skull rings adds a spark to his overall style.

Right from the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, people realized that Johnny Depp has a particular obsession with his skull rings.

So, here we will describe the reason behind the love of Johnny Depp for his skull rings and the types of skull rings Johnny Depp owns.

skull pirate ring

So, here we go:

Why is skull pretty common in all of the Johnny Depp rings?

Whoever has given a closer look to the rings of Johnny Depp can easily find something particular about them. Johnny Depp always makes sure to maintain his liking and loyalty towards the skull. Therefore, he has them almost in his every ring.

Whether the ring is made of gold, silver, or emeralds, the design of the skull is always present in that.

However, according to Johnny Depp, these skulls represent bravery and courage for him. He believes that the skulls remind him that even he encounters problems throughout his life, we have to face them.

Besides this, he also believes that life is all about experimenting, exploring, and questioning ourselves. When we continue to do these things, we will lead the right path to achieve our goals and peace in the best possible way. So, he prefers to wear skulls. He believes that what we wear keeps reminding us of the goals that we want to achieve in our lives.

Therefore, he always prefers to get the ring pieces with skulls that can radiate the same vibes for him.

jack sparow johnny depp

The types of skull rings Johnny Depp have

Johnny Depp has various skull rings. Some of those he used to wear more frequently than others. Johnny Depp even has a fantastic collection of skull rings, including the one that contains a wedding band as well.

However, here we will get to know about different skull rings that Johnny Depp owns to let you have a better idea about things in this regard.

So, here we go:


With his friends including filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, tattoo artist and novelist Jonathan Shaw (who has done much of the tattooing on the body of Depp), and musician Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp formed a club in the 1990s named The Death is Certain Club. They bought four skull rings, same in design, from Albrizio, who's a jeweler at C'est Magnifique in New York City

Even more, all of them have that death is a specific tattoo on their bodies except Iggy Pop.

  • Gold Skull Ring

A celebrity Jewelry designer Neil Lane has given him a new gold ring with a skull on it. Johnny Depp has worn that ring in the Esquire magazine's Jan. edition.  

silver pirate rings

  • Jack Sparrow skull ring

Every great Johnny Depp fan must know that Johnny is a fan of popular character Captain Jack Sparrow. As per Johnny Depp, he always felt that pirates have a Rockstar personality. Therefore, he put his all efforts into creating and maintaining the aura of their characters by adding skull rings.

Since then, he had Captain Jack Sparrow's skull rings with him. Even more, those rings are still in trend even at present.

  • An emerald skull ring:

When the Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003, two things of Jack in that movie inspired the viewers a lot. These were his emerald skull ring and leather tricorn hat. Jack wore only one ring in that film, and surprisingly, that emerald skull ring belonged to Johnny Depp himself.

He purchased that ring in the 1980s from an antique store and wore that for his very first cover shoot for Rolling Stone magazine. He also has a good friendship with the guitarist keith richards that was the first celebrety that introduce skull ring in rock style culture.


  • Johnny Depp Pirate Ring

This skull ring is one of the unique rings for Johnny Depp. It is because the ring was gifted to Johnny Depp from his entire film team. This ring consists of a Jolly Roger in the form of a skull. The boned and skull in the ring design are wrapped with the bandana that holds the ring in Depp's finger.

  • Red Eyes skull ring

Besides this, Johnny Depp also likes his red-eyed skull ring. He believes that the red-eye skull ring indicated the entire cycle of life to death. Therefore, skulls are always present in his rings; Even if these are not the motif of the main ring design. Still, skulls are present in almost every type of Johnny Depp's ring that he prefers.

However, the red-eye skull is one of the unique yet extraordinary designs loved by Johnny Depp. Therefore, it always brings a lot of confidence to him.

Overall, this is one of the most unique and fantastic skull ring design patterns Johnny Depp ever has.


Final thoughts

Overall, the obsession of Johnny Depp for the skull rings seems never-ended. Most amazingly, he also makes sure to prove his loyalty to the skulls by keep adding new skull rings to his wardrobe. It is because Johnny Depp believes that the accessories we choose to wear tell more about us than what we say.

These can help us in keeping our individuality in the best possible way. However, what makes Johnny Depp so peculiar and vitally interesting in skull rings is exactly that he is ungraspable. Even though the jewelry of Johnny Depp has evolved over the years, his love for skulls doesn't.

In short, here we got to know much about why does Johnny Depp is obsessed with skull rings.

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