Why are goths obsessed with death

Why are goths obsessed with death?

You're probably wondering why the Goths are so obsessed with death? I mean, when you listen to goth music or gothic rock, what is it usually about? Have you observed any gothic artworks? Have you noticed how much this culture is related to the question of death and what would follow?

The intensive preoccupation with the meaning of life inevitably leads to the origin’s question (divine creation?) and the end of all being. Death runs through the entire Goth culture as a "red thread of suffering.” The Goths are obsessed with death because a majority of them see that life is a stage of suffering and learning and that after death, a form of eternal life is offered to them.

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Today, we will answer your questions by addressing the following topics:

  • Why the Gothics believe there is a life after death.?
  • How the media biases the image of Gothics?
  • Why Gothics like solitude.?
  • Gothics are creative and solitary beings.

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Why are goths obsessed with death?

Life after death, mystery, or despair?

The Goths love these interminable conversations about the end and possible rebirths, even though they know, of course, they will not get a valid answer until it is time to get rid of their earthly shell.

The belief in reincarnation is widespread in the Goth scene, probably because it just seems "natural": humans’ mortal remains disintegrate in the earth, reunite with nature, and bring new life. Moreover, people who deal intensely with the meaning of life and the obsession of death seem almost inevitably to grow in the hope that there is more to life than the miserable and familiar existence on earth, perhaps so as not to sink into despair.💀

Why are goths obsessed with death?

The media lie about the Gothic Current

When the Goths treat death so intensely, there is a fascination for all that is extreme, especially extreme psychological situations, and the goal of demonizing death as in pre-Christian times, of accepting it an inevitable daily event.

The Goth subculture a "subculture of death" that pushes its members to suicide, to be depressed, as the sensation-seeking media like to claim; But the opposite: "an attempt to critically manage one's loneliness and closeness to death with others.

Goths develop with the awareness that they live here and now and have to face their problems, a different relationship to their death, because they have overcome the great fear of death of others" (Richard 1997, p.131).

The Gothic concern for death does not stem from their desire for death but leads to death acceptance. This is a difference.👻


Gothics are isolated but creative beings

The Gothics are a melancholy crowd. The "Happy Gothics,” as a group of black people from Münster in Germany call themselves provocative, is more a contradiction in terms, at least a curiosity. Although there have been more and more of them for several years, the Goths are hardly noticeable in the cityscape.

They always look for the meaning of their existence and new forms and ways to express their personality. They like to live isolated within their four walls, read a lot, write their poems and prose, paint or design their apartment, listen to music, and chat with like-minded visitors.

Even on weekends, they often prefer the contemplative silence of nature to the hectic city life. Excursions to nearby forests (especially in autumn 🍂), to the oldest churches, which have been altered and overgrown by vegetation, castles, ruins, and cemeteries are popular Goths' leisure activities.


The Gothics, lonely wolves

The Gothics barely created their stage meeting places. In the meantime, several fashionable stores are coming in from all over the world, and these are opportunities for goth fashion, black clothing shopping, music, etc., not places of communication and sociability.

"My teachers would often call my parents and tell me that he was always alone around here. When the other kids were playing catch or hide-and-seek, I would read and think," recalls PaPa, 25, who runs a gothic store in Burbank, California. Gothics are self-centered "thinkers and poets,” solitary individualists even during their community of solidarity.🐺


Goths, friends of punks and metalheads

The Gothics also want nothing in common with the colorful world of other youth cultures. You won't meet them at techno raves, hip-hop jams, and other high-pitched, noisy events. Sport is usually not their thing either, too fast, too competitive.

There are several kinds in a school, but they tend to get separated from classmates’ noisy crowd in a quieter corner. Only selected punks and metalheads are allowed to join them as recognized parents, sometimes with respect. "We are something special," they signal to the rest of the world with every look and even more so with their apparent ignorance of the world around them. 🤘🏻

We can find different styles that are mixed with Gothic music subgenre with other subcultures (gothic-inspired), we can mention, Gothic Punk (a mix between gothic and punks rock), gothic metal, Gothic lolita, Gothic Revival, etc.. The youth culture well knows several gothic and rock bands, we can quote, within temptation and Evanescence.


The moon, ally of the Gothics

The Gothics are a lunar culture amidst the sun cults. The moon symbolizes desire, and the time of its presence, the night means to silence and solitude; But it is also the privileged place of sexuality; the aesthetics of the night (creatures), the variety of its colors, tones, smells are not revealed to the superficial observer. 🌒

In the mythology of many religions and also in most languages, the moon - Luna - is attributed to the female sex. Indeed, both in terms of aesthetics and the real presence of gender, the Gothics are a powerfully feminine culture.


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If you're reading these words, you're really passionate. We are happy to have you with us until the end of this blog. You could discover many things you didn't know about the gothic people and their way of understanding this world, they are not attached to the material aspect of life but rather to the spiritual side, that's why they are fascinated by death and the eternal world it offers.

One thing is sure, the gothic will always get along with other rebels like punk, metalheads etc... As mentioned above, we are not like other sheep. 🤘🏻

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 Why are goths obsessed with death?

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