Why Are Skulls So Popular in Fashion

Why Are Skulls So Popular in Fashion?

Have you ever wondered why skulls are so popular in fashion? This question intrigues you, and you can't explain it? 

The skull sign is used throughout the fashion industry before it became the permanent trend icon that exists. The skull is worn in many ways and is a common feature of facial paint, piercings, tattoos, clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

1) The ideology of the Death's Head

Why Are Skulls So Popular in Fashion?

Every meaning and ideology that revolves around the skull and crossbones in fashion raises an important question about its representation in society. But the skull represents only one thing; it carries different meanings for different times, cultures, and beliefs.

Regardless of its associations, the construction and geometry of the skull, an area of our cerebral connection, will help us recognize or locate a face.

We are mentally designed to recognize the face and we are prevented by this area of our brain from detaching the image of the skull with heads. Familiarity with how the skull is constructed intrigues us, while the connotations of death and the afterlife reject us.

god of death

2) Origin of the Skull Fashion

The fashion industry has glorified the skull sign for many years, but the skull itself dates back to the first generation of our species, yes, as far back as that!

Some tribesmen would go hunting, while others would process bones to transport their loved ones and hold skulls after a death in battle.

People carried bones - the bigger the bone, the more respected and skilled the clan/tribal member was. They thread bones directly into holes in their skin after piercing it (you can imagine without anesthetic) and then put them on as accessories to be worn as attachments.

prehistoric man

Little by little, in the course of evolution, a man surrounded himself with the skull for various reasons, before becoming a habit in the eyes of all. With time, this will become more democratic and will be represented in fashion, logos, art, and much more.

3) Negative Connotation of Bones

Skulls are associated with death, terror, and the afterlife, which is why they appear in horror movies.

We all have an inherent fear of the unknown and of death, and this would be a plausible explanation of why some people may see the offending Skulls, as the skulls remind us of this subject.

You already know about the Jolly Roger flag, formerly the emblem of pirates to sow fear at first sight of possible enemies. Some have used skulls and bones to warn others of their intent and existence while the Jolly Roger flag is a threatening image.

Using a purpose for the Jolly Roger flag, some tribes marked the outskirts of their lands with bones of all kinds to ward off intruders.

jolly roger pirate flag


All meaning of the skull has no negative connotation, in some societies the skull is supposed to symbolize the guarantee of the immortality of our soul and the afterlife. By maintaining the face, crystal skulls should symbolize life rather than death.

A skull symbolizes spirituality and life after death. A skull with wings symbolizes the experience that awaits in the afterlife and freedom.

The skull is often linked to Christianity and religion. Saints are depicted with a crucifix and a skull to remind sinners of their afterlife and the choices they have made.

skull museum

4) Arrival in Fashion

After a disturbing indication of grief and fear, the skull has moved beyond Halloween and into the traditional style. Skulls of different colors and sizes adorn everything from silk ties for men, scarves, and rompers for kids to bikinis for women.

This cranial trend has become ubiquitous with the knowledge of its origins while growing in importance.

The skull, with its initial smile, remains a sign of ageless and unmistakable mortality. Skulls began to be used in 16th and 17th-century art as an indication of "memento mori", Latin for "remember that you must die".

The skull is well known to novelists such as William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe who first used it with writers and poets.

yorick's skull

One of the best-known and most enduring scenes in the history of cinema is when the main character in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" guards the skull of the court jester, Yorick.

5) Skulls in Popular Culture

Skulls, skeletons, and skulls with crossbones are used to indicate danger. Bottles or labels with these symbols can mean they contain poison. Pirate ships carried the skull and crossbones logo in their sails as a warning.

Disney's favorite franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean" that started in 2003 helped reduce the fear expressed in Fashion and Death's Head Trend, thank you, Disney!

Skulls in jewelry and clothing have been favored by bands and musicians in many genres such as gothic punk rock and metal.

The logo helped to communicate the notion of rebellion, outsider, and status. Those who idolized these musical groups began to dress in skull and crossbones clothing, which became a fashion symbol elastic enough to signify one or more of these skull and crossbones trends.

guns n roses skull

Famous for his unconventional style and fashion displays, fashion designer Alexander McQueen helped popularize skull fashion.

With a lace skull print and skull scarves as his signature, it quickly became a type of logo that was hunted by fashionistas.

The Alexander McQueen label lasted by making clothing and accessories for men, but also for women with the logo that was favored after the designer's death.

Why Are Skulls So Popular in Fashion?

Not to mention the design of the clothes and the growing trend of it, the most expensive skull was perhaps that of Damien Hirst who directed "For the Love of God" in 2007.

It was created from the platinum casting of a real skull. Inlaid with 8,601 diamonds infused into the skull and teeth, the sculpture was valued at approximately $100 million.

6) Wear Skull Clothing

Skull and crossbones clothing is an exciting way to wear something different or that offers a touch of gothic fashion. You can incorporate these clothes into your everyday outfit or keep them in a corner of your house to wear during or around Halloween.

There are many great skull clothing products on the market today. Shirts, scarves, and more can help you go out in style and in a unique way.

Why Are Skulls So Popular in Fashion?

Do you think it's offensive to wear skulls and crossbones?
We think it certainly isn't, as long as you know what you have on your body! You shouldn't really think of yourself as having a specific fashion style, you just wear what you like and what brings you joy.

At Skull Action, we love skull designs and their presence in fashion, we say it loud and clear, we'll never be too old to wear skull and crossbones clothing and express our own style.  

biker fashion

Skulls in fashion and trends with clothing and jewelry were popularized by musicians. But also bands in a number of musical genres, for example, punk rock, heavy metal hard rock, punk, and so on.

The dark symbol helped to share the message of darkness, rebellion, and strange status reflected in the music. Fans of these music bands quickly decided to wear skull clothes, which became an image flexible enough to signify all these musical styles. Nowadays, anyone can wear skull clothes.

Skull clothes are a great way to wear something unique or that offers a fashionable touch.

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