Gothic Wall Clock

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome, if you are looking for a new piece of decor to add to your household and enhance the looks of it then starting with this gothic wall clock, would be an amazing choice, it has a fantastic design that illustrates the face of an owl with a few well-placed lines with a human skull on top of it colored in gray, and white on a black background to highlight and bring every detail out.

This wonderful looking piece has a natural wooden frame making it very sturdy and resistant, it also has a very high-quality clock mechanism to make it quiet and durable to have wherever you want around the house whether it be your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen so if you would like to treat yourself to a very neat piece of decor then pick this one up.

  • Clock Mechanism: high-quality silent floating balance mechanisms QUARTZ
  • Natural Wooden Frame
  • Stability Increased
  • Neat Details & accurate
  • Diameter: ~ 25.4 cm (10 inches)

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