A deep human experience !

We all have as much need as individuals to belong to a community. This need is in our DNA. Nowadays it is difficult to be different from society. We have experienced this. That's why we decided to found Skull Action. A shop based on action towards quality and the knowledge of passion. 

During our lives, we listened music like rock, metal of all kinds, we had gothic, metal, and even biker styles for some of our friends.

At the time we would have liked to have an online store that allowed us to express our style in a few clicks. This dream became a reality by creating this opportunity for our friends and customers.

Huge and shaped in rock

The ultimate challenge was to increase the choice of products for our customers while preserving quality to be so huge and so shaped. We knew from the beginning that it was going to be complicated. We want to do things differently from others, because what we do is born out from a passion.
Our promise to our customers is to give you as much choice as possible without having to worry about product quality. That's why we only sell carefully sorted products in the Skull Action Shop, saving you long hours of tedious searching.

Top quality products

We also ensure the reputation of our suppliers, and conscientiously check the opinions of customers who have already purchased the products we offer.
And if, despite our strict selection criteria, some products do not meet our expectations, we will immediately withdraw them from sale.

Always close to you

We are aware that an online shop is different from a physical shop, where we can smile and welcome you.  That's why we want to tell you that our customers are our friends. Nothing will give us more pleasure than to read your messages, your questions, your suggestions and especially your compliments. Write to us without delay (see the FAQ on this subject).

At Skull Action, passionate people like you are behind their screens working 24 hours a day to ensure your total satisfaction.

Here are at least 9 reasons to choose our shop

1. You regularly take advantage of promotions, flash sales or private sales (free account opening). We swear, no spamming emails (we hate that too)

2. By becoming an "ambassador" of our shop, you benefit from very interesting special offers.

3. You can quietly consult, at your own pace, the purchasing guides we put at your disposal to help you. You can also contact us for any question at any time.

4. The product pages give you all the information you need to make your purchases with complete peace of mind. 

5. Your suggestions are welcomed and implemented as long as they are in line with our business practice and ethics.

6. Here you will find a lot of articles that you won't find elsewhere and that you can be proud to show to your friends and family.

7. The navigation of this shop has been designed to save you time in your research whether you are on a computer or smartphone.

8. Your payments are 100% secure with an increased encryption.

9. All this in one shop: is it really worth looking elsewhere ?

In conclusion

Our goal is simple, to sort and gather the best products for our customers, we understand them better than anyone else because we are fans of this skull world.