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Death Card Patch

Death Card Patch

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Boost your luck while playing poker with this death card skull patch, perfect for your leather or jeans jacket! dare to take all that the table gives you!

This death card patch can only be worn by tough guys, who don't fear anything, not even death, the ones ready to jump right into the action without a second thought. Also, you can see that it is embroidered in four different colors; starting with the grey on the sides, then the olive green on the whole background of the accessory, following with the black on the two small spades and the massive one in the middle and the rest of the details, last but not least the small splash of red behind the spike of the big spade.

This magnificent and unique patch was handmade by our talented craftsmen. In addition to that, you can sew this to all kinds of clothing, like a cap or even a phone case. And you can put it on whenever and where you want, like for a ride on your bike.

  • Ideal to personalize your clothes: The skull patch is perfect for most types of clothing. From backpacks, jackets (leather/jeans etc...) to pants, shirts, or t-shirts.
  • Also suitable for leather jackets
  • Embroidered patch to be stuck on with an iron or sewing machine
  • Handmade by our craftsmen
  • Neat details
  • Flexibility
  • Size: 10.16 X 7.24 cm (4 x 2.85 in)
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