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Floral Skull Pillow

Floral Skull Pillow

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Do you dream of a colorful, cheerful, and very modern decoration? We have what you need. Fill your living room with these skull's flower cushions and express your passion!

If you have ever visited the Amazon or any of the other great jungles of the world, then you will surely love this Floral Skull Pillow.

A rainforest is in this lovely pillow, its biodiversity is matched by all the shades of color that are present with these skulls!

This large skull looks like a person walking with their head up and two behind them, like those big celebrities who really couldn't have done anything without all that adoring public.

Ideal to decorate with during the summer and spring season! Because it brings that special touch that makes you feel the happiness of being able to take the sun in your face every morning.

You could not do without this pretty pillow, it will accompany you everywhere in the house, in every corner where you rest.

  • Design 3D HD: direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra-soft fabric
  • Materials: cotton 
  • Pillow cover
  • Machine wash: 30 °C (86 °F) (optimal preservation)
  • Size: 45 cm x 45 cm | 18x18" inches

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